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    Next wave is coming, THANK YOU Puerto Plata!

    Sosua Mayor banned him. Too bad Puerto Plata didn't think to do that! 6 more weeks of winter (or Covid 19)! Idiots!
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    Happening now in Puerto Plata

    Sosua Mayor banned him. Too bad Puerto Plata didn't think to do that! 6 more weeks of winter (or Covid 19)! Idiots!
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    Page Layout

    I've noticed that recently a lot of posts and replies have a big blank space. Also at the top of each page, there ised to be ads. Now it's blank space too. Explain?
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    Domestic Worker Laid Off for Corona Virus Quarantine

    Mr. Guzman, My housekeeper comes only one day a week for three hours. I cannot have her come during the next few weeks and possibly longer because of the quarantine (social distancing) for the Carona Virus outbreak here. She has not had her vacation so i suppose I should pay her for at least...
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    New from BM Cargo - Repackaging 43 inch tv for shipment from Maimi to PP

    Hmm. Seems like there is always a added expense that I wasn't expecting! I ordered a 43 inch smart tv from Amazon and did the pre-alerta paperwork as always. It was only $182. But it sat in Miami for 10 days. I finally got Sarah from the BM Cargo office here in Puerto Plata to contact Miami and...
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    Service Dog Ad - a scam or wasted money?

    The ad that is rotating on the DR1 Forum pages is a scam or at a minimum advertising a product that is not needed so therefore a waste of money. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there is no requirement for a service dog to be registered, have a certificate or any...
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    Transferring dollars to pesos account at Sociabank

    Hi...I transferred US$500 from my dollars account at Scotiabank to my pesos account. I only received 49.8 pesos to the dollar. Is that right? I wasn't "buying" dollars. I was "selling" them. I should have received more than 50 pesos to the dollar? Please comment so I understand....
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    Duplicate House Title

    I need to obtain a duplicate of the title to my condo. The original is lost. Does anyone know how I go about this and what is involved ... how long it will take...? Thanks!
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    Duty on Mobility Assistance Dog Harness - Medically Necessary

    Hello Everyone, I want to order a special harness for my mobility service dog but it it nearly US$600. The company said that sometimes customs will waive duty fees on medically necessary devices. Before I order it, I wonder if anyone has had experience with such a waiver.... I'll eventually...
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    Article about Peso and Dollar in Dominican Today

    I don't understand what this means. Is the dollar stable or is the peso stable and does it matter? Judy From Dominican Today online newspaper ECONOMY October 22, 2018 | 3:18 pm Dominican peso ‘stable’ as dollar hovers at historic high Santo Domingo.- The US dollar remains stable against...
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    Dominican Today Article about Oil Dependence in DR

    I read this article three times and I still don't know exactly what's happening. The headline says oil's use for electricity generation has dropped from 88% to 35% but the paragraph as the bottom as 66% and the percentages in the middle of non-oil sources doesn't add up to 35% .... so it looks...
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    Tragic Accident near Costambar Gate!

    I have not seen a post on DR1 about the freak accident near the gate to Costambar .... Did it miss it....
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    Finally! Residency Card and Cedula Good for Four Years!

    It really does eventually happen! Yesterday, I received my residency card and cedula good for four years! I've been here since September 2010 and started the residency process in December of that year! Five years of temporary residency renewals and one year of permanent residency and finally, I...
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    Will my phone work in US?

    Will my prepaid Altice (formerly Orange) phone with a SIM card work in the US?
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    Lifestyles Cofresi - An at home vacation?

    Hello again! I'm all over the map this week with projects.... I have a friend coming the first week of May and I was thinking that maybe she might enjoy staying at an all inclusive instead of just hanging around my condo like she did last visit. Plus, I've never actually taken a vacation here...
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    Prepaid cremation and other end-of-life preparations

    Terrible topic, I realize, but I want to pre-arrange/prepay for my cremation and other end-of-life issues with a funeral home. I think all expat deaths require an autopsy and I want to make the process easy for my daughter and other family/friends. Anyone done this? Recommendation?
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    Advance Healthcare Directive - Need attorney

    I want to prepare an advance healthcare directive (with power of attorney if necessary) so that I can have a DNR (do not resuscitate) order in place among other things. I have two incurable diseases that will get progressively worse and a heart attack and/or stroke is a likely side effect of the...
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    Rolex Repair - Help!

    I dropped my Rolex and cracked the crystal. Don't yell at me. I know I shouldn't wear it here but I do everyday. I live here full time and enjoy my watch. Anyway, it needs repairing. Any helpful ideas in the Puerto Plata area? I could, in theory, send it back to the U.S. but I don't go myself so...
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    Permanent Residency Renewal - Proof of Solvency and/or Repatriation Insurance

    I can't find on the DMG website in the information required for permanent residency renewal about proof of solvency or a requirement to purchase the repatriation insurance. Can someone answer for me what I will need? It seems to change each time I renew. Thanks!
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    Outdated info in sticky in this forum on Driver's License, Renewals for Residency

    The information the closed thread with the sticky on obtaining and renewing driver's licenses, temporary and permanent residency is really outdated and not relevant any more. I would suggest deleting it and compiling a new one. It is the last one in the list of sticky threads and the last post...