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  1. althebeast

    Child marriage banned, new government cabinet to bolster women, teenagers and children rights

    That's just sick, I'm happy the new goverment is working better than the other ones. I guess their only thing was about money and nada mas :)
  2. althebeast

    Will you accept the vaccine made available in the D.R.

    They all are doing something, everybody wants to make money like I'm from turkey and really turkey don't have anything like they don't do anything but they made a shot for corona virus because if they can sell that for the world, they'd make a lot of money. But for me I don't want anything from...
  3. althebeast

    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    I hope it's the same for all of them, really It's my day off and I can't go outside for nothing after 12.
  4. althebeast

    Coronavirus - In the DR

    I'm really tired of that we can't go outside after 5 or 12 in the weekends, I understand that goverment has to do what they need to do to keep people safe because dominican people will go out to drink at the colmados o como sea but I want this corona virus stuff to end even though I know it...
  5. althebeast

    When will DR open for International travel??????

    I hope 1st of the july it'll be open for any countries because we can't work without them people coming to the country.
  6. althebeast

    US Customs seizes US$6 million cocaine shipment on Santo Domingo-San Juan ferry

    I just want to say, thats a lot of money :love:
  7. althebeast

    Coronavirus - In the DR

    I still try to stay inside as much as possible, people starting leaving the house and going on trips but it's still out there. Its not over.
  8. althebeast

    Best Burgers In Santo Domingo ???

    Wendys Baconador always enough for me but if you looking for different taste then I can't say anything.
  9. althebeast

    Hola DR1 Peeps!

    Welcome to the forum and I love Las Terrenas, just an amazing place. Enjoy.
  10. althebeast

    Why the high electricity bills?

    I've seen 12,000 pesos in my bills last time. I don't know what we using in the house that makes it 12,000 pesos :ROFLMAO:
  11. althebeast

    Protect yourself and your loved ones!

    Lmao whoever thought about this is a legend
  12. althebeast

    Ordering Stuff From Amazon

    I have a question, my friends mentioned something about I can order stuff from amazon and it'd come to the Jumbo and I can get it from there but I have no idea how to do that. Can someone explain please?
  13. althebeast

    Is the curfew ending 17 May?

    Only the hours has changed and we're still trapped in the house
  14. althebeast

    Rediscovering Mamajuana

    Well I totally read that "mamajuana" diferently :)
  15. althebeast

    New Software

    Yess, finally fixed the issue of approval. Thank you.
  16. althebeast

    Coronavirus - In the DR

    They already started saying "life is going back to normal" but it doesn't matter if the life goes to normal I think the people will always live up to the corona for a couple of years maybe then people will forget about it and just move on.
  17. althebeast

    Suggestion, a thread about when to use a with the infinitive

    I think this website might help you, they explain a lot of stuff in a nice and easy way.
  18. althebeast

    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Well I said it before that my friend was coming from Miami but canceled his flight. He's coming today to Santo Domingo from Miami but he'll be flying for like 25 hours.
  19. althebeast

    Airlines schedule many flights as of June and July

    Oh someone is desperate for money, couple of months without work they're already planning to how to do stuff after corona.
  20. althebeast

    Peso breaks the RD$56 to US$1 barrier

    Good for gringos but it's killing me over here because with my job here I earn Turkish Liras and dollar is strong everywhere.