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  1. franco1111

    December in DR

    Just another reminder of where you are. Yesterday I went to the bank to do some business. Had to wait in the line outside to enter for servicio al cliente. Man told me he was there to cancel his credit card because he was robbed by two punks on motor with machete the day before. Stole his...
  2. franco1111

    Virtual public school for children

    Did Abinader today say public schools will not have in-person classes? His plan is to have virtual classes? It is not clear to me. My wife is showing me something on Facebook that says yes. This article from Hoy does not sound definitive to me. "En ese sentido informó que las autoridades...
  3. franco1111

    Apagones La Romana

    Getting very annoying. Nine hours Saturday afternoon to early Sunday morning. Yesterday three hours or more. Today since 8:15 this morning. Batteries for inversors run dry for many after nine hours. This electric problem is something Abinader should work on right away. The people have...
  4. franco1111

    Danilo is going to talk today

    Better to start another thread since very likely we are starting a new sequence of events. President Medina will speak at 9:00 pm this Friday The president will address "the four great challenges ahead" of the country...
  5. franco1111

    Altice internet and cable out?

    In La Romana at our house, Altice internet and cable are not working. Anyone else with Altice have this problem? (Also, apparently the luz in the entire city is out. My wife and her mother went out and returned about an hour ago and said it is out in the entire city.)
  6. franco1111

    PUJ freight terminal

    What a bad idea. I want to see the traffic study. I am sure they hope hundreds of loaded freight trucks will arrive every day at PUJ. Mixing tourist traffic (cars, taxis, gua guas) and trucks on those roads will only create more chaos. Now I see why Grupo Abrisa wants to build the new...
  7. franco1111

    Nuisance law

    I know this post will without doubt provoke all manner of hysterical responses, but what the hell. Been a little dull here lately. I am from the U.S. where the laws generally are derived from British common law. We will leave it at that. Nuisance laws have existed there since at least 1860...
  8. franco1111

    Military shakedown

    Today exiting the autopista at La Romana salida was a military vehicle (Hummer) and three soldiers. They were standing in the road with guns. I tried to keep moving and leave, but one waved me over. I stopped, he ended up on the passenger side. I put the window down and asked him what he...
  9. franco1111

    Much rain

    Main street through PC and Bavaro flooded this evening in many places. Normal when there is lots of rain. First time in months, though. This is why you buy a car/SUV that sits higher off the ground if you live here.
  10. franco1111

    La Trinitaria

    History is important. Santo Domingo.- A day like today in 1838, a group of young people led by Juan Pablo Duarte founded the secret society La Trinitaria, to free the country from 22 years of Haitian domination. Juan Pablo Duarte formed the conspiracy together with Juan Isidro Pérez, José...
  11. franco1111

    Intenet banking adding new beneficiaries

    This should be interesting. I received today this email from Banco Popular. I pay some bills on line. And, I am sure when I added those beneficiaries to my account so that I could pay them, I did not have to provide RNC number or cedula. The email refers to "rejection of future...
  12. franco1111

    Tourism in DR

    Here is an interesting discussion of tourism in the DR and Caribbean in general. The View from Europe By David Jessop, Dominican Today senior Op-Ed distributor In a week in which Caribbean tourism leaders have been meeting in New York to build on the strong growth that much of the industry is...
  13. franco1111

    LPG Kias

    We are looking for a car for a family member. Who wants a car, not a jeepeta. There are many Kia LPG cars for sale on lots here in Punta Cana. Can someone comment (with authority) on how these cars perform over time? Last a long time, frequent problems? Etc. One thing I see is that they...
  14. franco1111

    95 percent of new companies go bankrupt within three years

    Here's something to think about as you plan your next business venture in the DR. Although, there is lots to question about the reporting. Santo Domingo.- The elimination of the severance pay, a simpler tax reporting process and the exclusion of the tax payment in advance, are some of the...
  15. franco1111

    Problems with Skype

    Since last night I cannot connect to Skype to make a call. Not on cell phone and not on laptop. I deleted the app from my cell phone and re-installed it. Also, there seemed to be a problem downloading the app from the Apple app store. Took four tries to get it to download. Now have app...
  16. franco1111

    Multiagency raids net 818 people in Dominican east region

    Multiagency raids net 818 people in Dominican east region Quite good. I am happy to pay for this action with my taxes here. "Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.- Military and police authorities on Friday continued a wide ranging public safety operation in and around the eastern tourist town of...
  17. franco1111

    Earthquake today (4.5)

    We felt this today in Bavaro about 12:00 p.m. First, I heard noise that sounded like a truck arriving but there was no truck. We were sitting at the table on the third floor of our building and the building shook. My wife blamed it on my feet. But no. We agreed it had to be an earthquake...
  18. franco1111

    Only 6% of Dominican fathers get involved in raising their children

    I don't know if UNICEF should be accepted as an authority on such matters, but this seems important anyway based on everything else we know about the importance of a father in a child's life. The 6% statistic seems awful. Only 6% of Dominican fathers get involved in raising their children...
  19. franco1111

    Televisions not allowed on Jet Blue now to DR

    So, packing my bag with 32-inch television.  Bag weighs too much so thought I would check Jet Blue web site to see what to do.  And, I find this. "Checked bag requirements for Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, and Peru Customers checking baggage for travel to/from the...
  20. franco1111

    Report your DR bank account (US citizens)

    It looks like if you have an account in the RD that has more than $10,000 USD in it, you have to report it to the US Department of Treasury.  There are exceptions.  Who knew...  (Please correct me if I misunderstand this requirement.) Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) If...