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  1. bachata

    DR site seen , Bachata music Video.

    Touring the Dominican Republic, Alza Tu Vuelo Paloma, Ramon Torres writer and singer of this popular song. Bachata de Amargue. Enjoy! JJ
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    Dominican Republic Going nuclear... Ja ja

    There we go!!! Nombramiento del primer ministro del departamento de energia nuclear... Sera solamente otra botella? Just wondering! JJ
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    Portrait of a dictator, Rafael L. Trujillo

    Very interesting videos for those that didn't know the history of DR during Trujillo era. JJ
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    General Antonio Imbert Barrera, The Complot.

    General Imbert barrera interviewed by Dominican journalist Huchi Lora. The plan and execution of "El Jefe" assassination 5 / 1 / 1961. JJ
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    Trujillo, interviewed by American press.

    Culebra vieja no se amarra en lazo! JJ
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    Félix Bautista

    Why they don't go after Felix Bautista? Ese Ladronaso, se robo el pais entero y todabia anda suelto. JJ
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    Top 5 most dangerous neighborhoods in Santo Domingo

    # 5 = Villa Agricolas: this is where "El Mercado Nuevo" is located, gangs with members from different countries like Venezuela, Colombia and Russia fighting to control the area. # 4 =Cristo Rey : residents of this neighborhood are from the very low class of the city, highest violence and...
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    Haiti, humanitarian vacations.

    Spaniard reporters visited Haiti in 2013. The message in this video clip is... While on vacation you can help people in need. Vacation in hell. Today 5/29/2017 the Haitian peoples is living in the same situation. JJ
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    Child abuse in the DR.

    Dominican authority prosecuting child abuse cases in the DR. I applaud this new law enforcement actions by DR prosecutors in SD. JJ
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    Palabras usadas por Dominicanos

    Origin of some of the most popular words used in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy! JJ
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    Dominican Yorker girl, this is the way we make the money here...

    Please people stop calling me on the phone asking for loans, watch this video and will see the way Dominicans makes the money here in the US... 86279298298384%2F No more sidewalk picking like it used to be...
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    Joyas del Merengue Dominicano.

    Ca?a brava. JJ
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    South Coast of the DR.

    Watch the new production of Mr. Eladio Perez and enjoy the virgin environment of the South coastal areas of the Dominican Republic. Have fun! JJ
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    Villa Trina, Moca DR.

    This small town is located on the Septentrional mountains of the Dominican Republic. Province Espaillat, Moca. Enjoy! JJ
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    Thanks DR1 for the good friends.

    I have a long list of good friends whom I have met over the years thanks to theses forums. Some of them became to be part of our family. Special thanks to Mr. Earl and Mrs. Deolores M. for been part of our family since we met by the first time at STI. This picture have been posted in the...
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    Haiti is a threat to the Dom. Rep.

    Watch this documentary if you want to understand the roots of the problem between both countries. Unfortunately couldn't find an English version. JJ
  17. bachata

    Trujillo Death and funeral, May 1961.

    Always heard Trujillo was one of the most hatred president of DR but watching in this documentary all those women crying for the lost of a leader the day of his funeral I have changed my mind. Enjoy. I was born just a couple months before of his...
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    From the Mother Land, Spain.

    El mas grande de la voz Hispana Raphael de Espa?a. Enjoy! Cuando tu no estas. JJ
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    Tallest building in the caribbean.

    Torre Caney, video taken from a drones... Balaguer was a man with a view of the future, how he knew "Parque Mirador Norte" will be so dependable for the modern city Santo Domingo is today. JJ
  20. bachata

    Puerto Rican in the DR

    Massive Puerto Rican immigration to Dominican Republic... JJ