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  1. Dre Broeders

    Cigar shop Bavaro-Punta Cana
  2. Dre Broeders

    Rent and for sale in Juan Dolio

    In my You Tube Channel you see different apartments, houses and villa's for rent and for sale in Juan Dolio Have a look Information: Telephone 1 809 526 3533 WHATSAPP +1 809 399 5766
  3. Dre Broeders

    Scan MRI prostate

    I need a scan MRI for prostate multiparametric In which hospital this is possibe?
  4. Dre Broeders

    Divorce Help

    My Friend ask me for help and ask me to write his E-mail to me in this forum. I translated his E-mail with Bing Which person know exactly the rights from my best friend? Story: on 4 may 2015 was I by my wife pushed off the stairs, with the result that I was taken to the clinic by a friend, at...
  5. Dre Broeders

    Los Haitises

    When I'm on the new toll motorway Santo Domingo to Samana Which exit should I take to get to Sabana de la Mar, where the boats are leaving for Los Haitises National Park 'at the small harbor? And who can give precise directions? How much time I need by car from Juan Dolio to this harbour?
  6. Dre Broeders

    How to get a new Russian passports

    Somebody rob my Russian client from his passport. There is no Russian Embassy in Dominican Republic Where he can get a new pasport in Dominican Republic?
  7. Dre Broeders

    Santo Domingo to Sosua

    What is the best way to go from Santo Domingo to Sosua? By Metro tours or Caribbe Tours?
  8. Dre Broeders

    Juan Dolio
  9. Dre Broeders

    Where to find Hotel Bavaro Punta Cana Princess?

    What is the exact location from this hotel?
  10. Dre Broeders

    Man wanted

    Dominican Widow (37) looking for husband E-mail Information Skypename drebroeders We do not allow emailaddresses on DR1
  11. Dre Broeders

    Strike airport Santo Domingo

    Is there a strike on airport Santo Domingo on 14-11-11?
  12. Dre Broeders

    Route airport SD to Puerto Plata

    IN what way I drive from airport Santo Domingo to the highway Puerto Plata? (The route) Or it is better to take the new highway to Samana?
  13. Dre Broeders


    Who knows an health-insurance who accept persons older than 60 years?
  14. Dre Broeders

    Merenguefestival 2011

    When is in 2011 the merenguefestival in Santo Domingo?
  15. Dre Broeders

    Swiftcode BIC

    What is the name from the bank with this Swiftcode? BBDOM001
  16. Dre Broeders

    wooden kitchen

    Who know somebody on the Nord-coast who can make a very professional wooden kitchen from tropic hardwood? (a special kitchen) Near Rio San Juan- Gaspar Hernandez Please telephonenumber or adress?
  17. Dre Broeders

    last bus SD

    At what time is the last bus from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata. And with which company?
  18. Dre Broeders

    Metro Tours price

    In the website from Metro Tours I see the price Punta Cana to Santo Domingo 93 Dollars. Is this correct?
  19. Dre Broeders

    Famous persons in Casa de Campo

    In Casa de Campo have a lot of famous persons a villa. Who know names of this persons?
  20. Dre Broeders

    Review Hotel Villa Colonial SD.

    Who have a review from Hotel Villa Colonial Zone Colonial Calle Sanchez 157 Santo Domingo?