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  1. althebeast

    Ordering Stuff From Amazon

    I have a question, my friends mentioned something about I can order stuff from amazon and it'd come to the Jumbo and I can get it from there but I have no idea how to do that. Can someone explain please?
  2. althebeast

    Who Do We Believe? Peralta o Danilo?

    I just saw this pic on somos pueblo and I want to know what you guys think because I think both of them are lying to just trying to save their a**.
  3. althebeast

    Best Website To Learn Slang Words

    Well I've foun this website that shows slang words in spanish and it shows different meanings country by country so if there's people out there like me learning spanish i think this website will work for you also.
  4. althebeast

    Your Worst Experience in DR

    Well I'd like to start with my own story of course and for me the worst would be The Paradise in Cap Cana because we bought the tickets online and we went to punta cana from la romana. When we were about the enter they stopped us and told us we have to have some kind of bracelet so we can enter...
  5. althebeast

    Can I Have a Bank Account ?

    Hey guys, I've been living here almost for two years and I don't want to go to the bank whenever I have the send money or do something, so my question is it possible for me to have a bank account here? Maybe bank of popular and if I can, what do I have to do for it? Just grab my passport and go...
  6. althebeast

    Hello Everyone From La Romana

    Hello everybody, first of all my name is Alperen but people call me Al because its much easier, I'm from turkey but I've been living in DR for almost 2 years. First I was in Las Terrenas, Samana then I returned to my country for some time and then got here to La Romana. I've been working here...