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  1. dingolay

    Current state of Toque de Queda/ shutdowns/ curfews

    Any removal of the curfew will lead to chaos and misery. It's crowds and spike up or less crowds and spike down. We have to make smart choices.
  2. dingolay

    Online Website to extend your stay legally 120 days total before your 30 day tourist card expires

    Do you still have to pay for the extension? If so, why not wait until you arrive in the airport. The last time I overstayed a couple of day and paid for the extension when I arrived at the airport which took 5 minutes. Please explain the difference. Thanks
  3. dingolay

    How do expats come out of all of this in the final analysis ?

    Very interesting information. Thanks. I stay in Puerto Plata and so far, so good. I have accepted the new norm in this transformation world and it will get worse before it gets better. I love DR and the people and has had very little drama with locals. I respect the culture and understand the...
  4. dingolay

    yarmulke in the DR

    My friend, no one notices how you dress in DR. Have fun. Please remember that it was Jews who founded Sousa in the North Coast. The former Mayor of Sosua is Jewish. There is a Jewish Museum in Sosua and there was a Synagogue. Unfortunately, it was sold and replaced by a Restaurant. I have not...