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  1. cavebiker

    MEGA Dominican Republic Motorcycle Adventure

    MEGA Dominican Republic Motorcycle Adventure - Tom Junkans ---------------------------------------------- Of course, skip all the dribble if you like and just check out a few photos ---------------------------------------------- Here is just a teaser. Enjoy? Disclaimer: These reports were...
  2. cavebiker

    2-Up to Samana Peninsula - cavebiker & cavegirl

    Just about every day cavegirl and I ride five or six miles along the north coast to Gold?s gym, and that means we are likely to hit rain once or twice a week. Last week we are caught in a downpour that conked out the bike. WT_, bikes are supposed to be able to get wet. We coast over to a...
  3. cavebiker

    The Border with Haiti - A Motorcycle Ride Report -

    Hey! I just joined here after researching my next motorcycle. It is a rainy day today so I thought I would post one of my favorite DR motorcycle rides to see if the DR1 community enjoys this type of stuff, if so, I have lots more. Here we go! DR adventure with lots of pics. - The Border with...