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    The Meeting Place, PuertoPlata

    Is the Meeting Place still functioning? Their website is hopelessly out of date. If still going, please post opening times and days. Thanks.
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    World Cup soccer in Puerto Plata

    Please post venues and dates/times for watching World Cup 2018 matches in this thread. Thanks. Belgian Mik at Tropical Bar (caseta #3) on the Malecon is showing today (18 June): Belgium v Panama at 11am (via internet link) England v Tunisia at 2pm (via satellite link) There will be an array...
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    Birthday cake for 3-year-old

    Can anyone suggest where I can get a small birthday cake for a 3-y-o boy lettered with his name and age? I have only tried La Sirena. No joy there. I need it for 11 am this Monday (5 Feb) but could order and pay tomorrow (Sat).
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    Can anyone recommend a kosher restaurant in Puerto Plata city?

    Can anyone recommend a kosher restaurant in Puerto Plata city? I will have an Orthodox Jewish acquaintance visiting.
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    Masseur/masseuse in Puerto Plata city?

    Can anyone recommend a masseur/masseuse in Puerto Plata city?
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    ITBIS and Service Tax chargeable at casetas on the Malecon (Pto Pta)?

    I have used various casetas on the Malecon (Pto Pta) since they were introduced. None of those I frequently used ever added ITBIS or service tax to the check. I assumed this was for one of three reasons: 1) The owner illicitly ignored these taxes to simplify his book-keeping and keep his prices...
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    Route of JC carrito publico from Costambar

    Can anyone tell me the route of the JC publico from Costambar? Does it pass the Cathedral and Parque Central?
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    Carrito publico on Christmas Day

    How is the carrito publico service between Sosua/Puerto Plata on Christmas Day, midday to early evening? Almost normal or very infrequent?
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    Possible for tourist to buy SIM card?

    An acquaintance from an EU country who arrived today for a 10-day holiday has asked me if he can buy a SIM card by showing his passport. I know it was possible some years ago, but I believe the system changed a couple of years back?
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    Aeropaq courier service (Puerto Plata)

    I live in Pto Pta. For the past year I have been using CPS courier service (border of Sosua/Cabarete). The service is excellent. But nowadays I rarely have reason to visit Sosua, so making a special trip each time to collect a package is inconvenient and uneconomical. In an old post here...
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    La Javilla

    There are areas in Pto Pta and the capital called "La Javilla". What is the derivation of this name?
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    Where to dance bachata in Puerto Plata?

    Imminent visitors have asked me where they can dance bachata in Puerto Plata. My days of frequenting dance-halls are long gone and my memory is fast following them, but: My main spot was La Canita, but that has long since closed. There were two places in 30 de Marzo: Plaza Caribe(?) and El...
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    Buying a gold ring in Puerto Plata

    Two Haitian acquaintances are getting married and my contribution is to buy the ring. I just want a cheap(ish), plain, gold ring. Can anyone recommend an honest store in Puerto Plata? I am not looking for a bargain, I just don't want to be sold a fake, as I would not know gold from brass. Ten...
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    Barrio Los Sufridos in Puerto Plata city

    Does anyone know where Barrio Los Sufridos is in Pto Pta? I cannot locate it by googling. Thanks.
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    Telephone lines to UK today

    I need to make a call to the UK. After failing to reach the number I need, I tried other UK numbers without success. All of which I had saved on my phone and have never had problems with before. My phone is working fine for calls within the DR. Is it possible the international link is down...
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    Dominican Holidays in "Travel" need updating

    Still lists 2015 dates.
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    Status of Montellano

    I am confused by this exchange. Is it a private joke? Is Montellano really classed as a "barrio"? I have always considered "barrio" to be a subsection of a town, perhaps equivalent to "ward" or "district" Montellano is a distinct small town, surrounded by open land, so in no way an extension of...
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    More fun with Edenorte

    Last Wednesday we lost the "luz" in my rented apartment. After a couple of hours I noticed the rest of the building had electricity. I was just going to call in an electrician when a neighbor told me that an Edenorte engineer had been here two hours previously. I called into the Edenorte office...
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    New baby and mirror

    Since living here I have acquired a lot of folk wisdom, such as never to open the fridge while ironing, which could prove fatal. I recently held a month-old baby up to a mirror and brought a storm of criticism on my head. Apparently if young babies see themselves in a mirror this could delay...
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    Baby goods shop in Puerto Plata?

    Can anyone suggest a specialist baby ware shop in Puerto Plata? I am looking for a front-facing carrier or sling (not sure of the terminology, not my area of expertise). They do not have them in La Sirena. Does Tienda Jim?nez carry a good stock of baby items?