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    Texas Bill

    Hi, everyone. I have not been here for a while, but it's good to be back. I was just chatting on FB with one of Bill's son. He told me that Texas Bill had past away. I'm very sorry to hear this. It's good to be home. I'm back. Thank you !!
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    Traveling From Santiago airport to bavaro by plane.

    Greetings. Has anyone traveled by plane from Santiago airport to Bavaro? Any info will be helpful. Air lines, cost, travel time, etc... Thanks, Zeus.. Even the Gods need some help some times...:rambo:
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    There's a probability that I'll be traveling to Santiago next February. I wanted to bring a wheelchair with me, but my carrier tells me that it must be for my personal use. Thank God I don't need it. I saw a person with a need for a wheelchair (one in many). Can someone tell me where in Santiago...
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    Delta 405 RT... Good or Bad?

    Just booked on Delta 09-13-13 thru 09-30-13... JFK-STI $405.00 RT. Whatdayathink? Zeus.:cheeky:
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    The Hun (mechanic)

    Hello all !! I need to contact the HUN (he's the BMW mechanic) around Avenida Panamericana. Can someone provide a phone number? Please PM me.. Thanks in advance.. Zeus (Even a God needs help)..:rambo:
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    Haiti's Forum.

    Why's there a forum about Haiti? Just want to know, I mean this is DR1 (about DR), right? :alien:
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    Hello, friends.

    Hello to all my friends here in DR1. Was away for a while. Too mucho work. Is good to be back here ! As a bonus, I will go to Santiago Nov 19th Saturday, for a week. Want to have a Presidente on me? Drop me a PM. I left my lighting rod.. Zeus (primus inter pares):laugh:
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    Pure blood Doberman puppies.

    In the near future, I'll be in the market for 2 pure bloodline Doberman puppies. Is this posible in the DR? Any info will be just swell..;) Gracias, Zeus
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    USA-DR-USA Nationality.

    My brother's children are by-birth USA Citizens, borned in NYC. Their parents are Dominican but naturalized US citizens. One of the girls lives in DR (Santiago). Are they Dominican citizens as well? Or do they have to become DR citizens. Confusing, I Know. Please help !!!;)
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    Constanza and my birthday.

    I'm not much of a writer but here it goes. I left Washington Heights, New york City on Thursday, September 9th getting to Santiago. Had a very pleasent fly. My cousin, Marcos met me at the Airport. We stopped a parada Nunes for my firts cold Presidente. my birthday grill was planned for...
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    G1 Google cell phone.

    Hi,all. I have a brand new G1 Google Android cell by HTC. This cell works on the GSM Frecuency. Can I active the device in the DR?;) Gracias,;) Zeus
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    Silly rabbit question

    On my next trip to the DR I would like to go to La Isabela. I'll be in Santiago. I have no idea as how to get there. Any info will appreciated. Gracias:bunny:
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    Free Masons..

    Is there a free- masons societty in DR? If so, how can they be contacted? Como arriba es abajo. Como abajo es arriba. Zeus (even Gods need a little help);)
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    HOMS and Medicare

    Can someone tell if is true that HOMS Hospital in Santiago will be accepting Medicare insurance? My cousin is a US citizen in her late 60's and she's worry about insurance in DR. She lives in Moca.;) Gracias, Zeus
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    Good Dermatologist in Santiago.

    Hola !! I need information about a good Dermatologist in Santiago. Please post name, office address and contact numbers. Thank you !!;) Gracias, Zeus;)
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    Salad Dressing..

    Q: Why did the boy blush when he opened the fridge? A: He saw the salad 'Dressing'... Jajaja Mi make joke !!;)
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you Turkies out there in Turkyland.;) Zeus (goble-gogle)
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    Please help me find this place...

    There's water hole, in the North. I think is near Cabrera, not sure. Locals call it 'Blue Lake', but it's really an underground river. I was there some years ago and would like to come back. I'll be in Samtiago in the middle of September. Gracias, Zeus (lost in his own Universe..;) )
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    Hola, need Doberman puppy

    Saludos (hi), I need informations as to where to buy a pure bred Doberman puppy (4 to 5 months old) in or near Santiago. This will make my sister very happy. Gracias, Zeus:laugh:
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    Today I saw this kid with this T-shirt, it read: 'When I die, I want to be burried upside down so that the whole can kiss my a$$'. This happened in Da' Heights (washington Heights). LOL !!!;)