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    After many years away here is what I have heard about old timers so far!

    Hello all, Don't even remember when was the last time I posted here. Hope everyone is doing good. :p So over the years I have heard many stories about the old timers here and would like to put all that I have heard here so that it can be confirmed or corrected. Remember it is DR and chismes...
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    After the landing

    We all have read countless times about how Dominicans leave the island illegally in small boats (Yolas). Their destination of choice is obviously Puerto Rico. Just about 80 miles of sea separates the two islands. Actually when you fly from San Juan to Miami or any other city in that direction...
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    Sad News from AZB

    Our friend AZB's father passed away in Atlanta this week. May the departed soul rest in peace. AZB should be back in DR in a few days time to resume posting.
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    Many a moons ago in Santiago!

    Eleven times the rains have come and eleven times the rains have gone since I first set foot on DR. Santiago was my city (or that time - town) to live in be. Remember when the power used to be gone for 18 hours and it was not a problem, you just got used to it. Traffic lights were few and far...
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    Update on AZB

    Just found my buddy AZB. He was in the hospital by his mother in Atlanta. He needs our prayers. Things are not good with either parent. Mother's bypass was successful but then she suffered a massive stroke. This is serious. Father is also admitted and not doing good. I will refrain from...
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    Calling AZB!!!

    Hey buddy where are you? I do not have your Atlanta numbers. How are your parents doing? Send me an email, phone, smoke signal, anything.... Pavan
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    NO it does not happen in DR only!!!

    We love to beat the DR every which way we can yet, love to love it and hate it... it also happens in other parts of the word..... I was at Walmarts in Leon, Mexico. A lot of police, ambulance, people, nothing to be seen, in the swarm of people. It so happened that the security guard at the...
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    Where is Theresa??

    Donde estas Maami?? Anyone hear from her, seen her? gee it's almost time for her to update the media galery with some new pictures
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    Strong Opinions!!

    Being on the board since January 2002. One cannot help but notice that many of us (not sparing myself), have very strong ideas and opinions on what should and should not be done in the Island we all love and to hate. I would like to hear from members here what are the three...
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    AZB - Jazzcom Summit

    These guys hung out in Santiago last weekend. Wonder why no one is talking about this. Whatever could have happened?? Missing....just wondering..
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    I am bailing out friends!!

    This is it for me. I have decided that the present government is all that I can handle as far as feeling safe about my investments in the Dom Rep. I am selling my apartment and all that I own there and getting the hell out before I loose more money while they think about how to straighten...
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    A boss of a big company needed to call one of his employees about an urgent problem with one of the main computers. He dialed the employee's home phone number and was greeted with a child's whispered, "Hello?" Feeling put out at the inconvenience of having to talk to the youngster, the boss...
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    DR1 Chat

    guys is the chat forum not working or am i the only one who is not able to get in?? will someone let me know
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    Church & DR Politics / Policies

    Why in the 21st Century does the Church have to get involved in all that the government is trying to do. The Government can't even start an anti corruption propaganda without the cardinal getting some cramps. Is it not time to get away from this medieval age practice so that the country can...
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    Why curtail corruption??

    The beauty and the charm of the Dominican lies in the way things happen and are made to happen. If for example you could not bribe a cop to let you off for speeding, or a aduana guy to let you and your 16 boxes of luggage for ten dollars. You would be virtually be in a country like the US. The...
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    Why is the word Freedom mentioned to put a definition to the US?s struggle with Osama?s men! Are American?s not free to move around, travel, do as they please in their country? Freedom would be a better applied word when some country takes over another country or another person takes over the...
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    Dominican and Puerto Rican!!!

    Dominican's don't like Hatians as a general rule. The Puerto Rican's don't like Dominicans. The Dominicans say that Hatians invade their country and screw up the system...crime...taking employment away....etc etc. The Puerto Rican's say that the Dominican's come over in their Yolas....and...
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    Hate and the Role of a Super Power Part II

    Guys, I started a backup thread just in case PIB decides to delete the thread in the DR Debate section. Continue firing away.......
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    It's about Oil # 2

    I guess AZB was right. I was reading an Indian newspaper online and this is what I found: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- IANS [ FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 2002 11:08:38 AM ] NEW DELHI: India has set up a military base in Central Asia as global...
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    Good reason to drink!

    You drink you get drunk You get drunk you feel sleepy You feel sleepy you go to sleep You go to sleep you do not do any wrong You do no wrong when you die you go to heaven So for heaven's sake drink!!!