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    Recommendations for Health Insurance

    I am seeking recommendations for health insurance. Which company provides the best international plan? Also, what coverage do you suggest - deductible/outpatient care/US benefits? Thanks in advance for any information!
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    Flight from SDQ to Toronto

    Looking for flights from SDQ to Toronto in September and prices are about $700. I've also looked into stopping in various U.S. cities and taking a flight from there to Toronto and prices are less but not enough that they justify the risk of not being on the sane itinerary. the...
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    Santo Domingo ETA June 2017

    I'm a new forum member currently in the process of organizing my affairs to make the move to Santo Domingo in June 2017. Initially I will be there on a trial basis in order to see if it where I want to stay long-term. I primarily plan to utilize this forum to find out about activities and...