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    I have been silent for too long! -Read this if you are thinking about coming here

    Hello ladies and gents. I have been meaning to make a thread about the DR for some time. I am going to try to be as objective as possible. This is especially for those looking to come to the DR - based on my experiences: *34 year old African American here for 2.5 years. Fluent in Spanish...
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    Affordable Jeweler in SD to buy Engagement Ring?

    Hey all, Anyone know of an affordable jeweler in Santo Domingo where I can find an engagement ring? Thanks for any help. Btw - I dont have an exact price range in mind but feel free to give me an idea of what's available.
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    Visit to a Papaya Farm in Santiago Dominican Republic -video-

    I was invited to a small papaya farm in Santiago. It was a good time. They made chivo for us and treated us really nice.
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    Ongoing Thread for Gardeners, Farmers, Jardineros, Agronomos, etc....Pics and Vids!!

    Maybe a thread like this already exists. Maybe not. I'd like to make an ongoing thread where we can talk all things growing - plants, animals, trees, fish, everything in the DR. I will get things started. The list of everything found in the vid is below. Also, I am starting some pitaya...
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    I'm Amercn. She's Domincn. We Have a 2 month Old. Wld Like to Get Home for Christmas

    Hello all, The thread title says it all. I am American. She is Dominican. We have a baby that was born here. The baby's first interview for her visa is this Friday coming up. I would like to take the family home for Christmas, but my esposa does not have a visa. I know we can eventually get...
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    Just Read - Was in the Mood to Write

    My novia had been looking at typical Dominican TV all day. Around noon was a program which featured artists performing live, while old men and scantily clad young ladies dance. The bailarinas tend to dance very sexy, and often slutty. Its hard not to take a second look at the ladies, but I can...
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    Papel de Buena Conducta- Paper proving arrest free history - Where to get one?

    Hello all, I need a Papel de Buena Conducta- Paper proving arrest free history from the U.S. I need it for a job. I live here in Santo Domingo. Anyone know how to go about this without leaving the country? I called the Embassy, but I didn't get past the automated system. Any help would be...
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    Serious Topic - Crackheads In the DR?

    I was just looking at the What To Do When You Are Attacked thread, and after seeing a bunch of people talk about "drug addicts," I just have to ask - there are young crack heads in the DR? I have been here a year and I just don't get it. I am sure that there are some young drug users, but I...
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    Buying 50% Of A Business - Need Advice

    I am going to purchase 50% of a business here in the DR. I am American and I have no visa. I also do not have a cedula or residency. Anyone with knowledge of the way things work here - I have a few questions: -Can an American own a company in the DR without a visa or residency? -In your...
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    Mondongo - You Have Been Warned!!!!

    Here is a little excerpt from my most recent blog post that I posted to my blog that I keep to write my experience here in the DR: "I had gone to a friend's house to eat many times. Every time I went, her mom prepared a special meal for me. Her mom really did make me feel super welcomed and...
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    Need Urgent Help - Anyone In Boca Chica - Banco Popular ATM Robbed Me!

    Ok, so I saw a thread about a week or 2 ago about a guy that was robbed by the Banco Popular ATM in Boca Chica. I replied that I, too, had been robbed by the ATM. I have called my bank, and Popular and each tells me to talk to the other. Finally, my bank told me today that I have to call the...
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    Saw Brown A Ferret Or Weasel Like Animal Today -Any Idea What It Is?

    Hey all. I live in Santo Domingo Este. Today I saw a brown ferret or weasel looking animal run into a large solar. Anyone else seen these things? I looked on google to try to find out what it is - but it did not look like any of the native species. It is possible that it is an escaped pet...