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    Why So Many Movie Theaters?

    As a movie addict, I was quite excited when two new cinemas opened this month. One just opened at the Agora Mall and the other across the street called Galeria 360. You'd think I'd be happy but I'm more confused. These theaters play the same movies. Why would they open two expensive theaters...
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    Cherry Popped! Stopped By Policia

    Ok I'be read many stories here of people being stopped by police for no reason here in DR. For some reason I never really thought about it happening to me. My friend and I had just finished seeing a really scary movie called SINISTER at Caribbean Cinemas Cinema Centro on the Malecon. Realizing...
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    Am I Being Lied To?

    I have a friend who helps me with the groceries and I buy diapers and milk for his baby. Earlier this year he signed a contract though Orange. After two months he realized he couldn't afford all the bells and whistles of having Internet, etc on his phone and cut it off. The balance of what he...
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    National Holidays Observed 2012-2013

    I feel silly starting this thread, but I can't seem to find an official list of National Holidays in DR for this year and next. My workplace doesn't have it updated. I really would like to plan for my dad to come up on a three day weekend and I'd like to plan future excusrsions for myself. I am...
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    Are kids in Private Schools in DR always so loud?!

    I just started teaching 7th grade in Santo Domingo. For the most part I really like it, but at times I get so frustrated with how hard it is to keep class quiet. For awhile they will get quiet and then start back up again. It's as if it is impossible for them to not talk. Is this a common...
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    New Expat in DR and Loving It!

    I've been spending lots of time in DR the past year. This message board has inspired me and at times scared me. I appreciate all the info. A month ago I took the plunge and rented an apartment for 6 months. Immediately I went on a job search with the intention of teaching English to adults. To...
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    Process for Voting USA 2012 Election in DR

    I was recently hired for a full time job here in Santo Domingo. A dream come true! :classic: There is no way I can travel to NY on Election day. Can Anyone share their experience with casting overseas ballots? Do I go the the US embassy for a ballot?
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    Experiences Living in Zona Colonial

    I've spent about 2 1/2 months in the Colonial Zone earlier this year. For the most part I liked it, but at times it felt like a small town with everyone knowing your business and as a tourist I was constantly asked for money on the streets. The building I stayed in though was excellent. The...
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    Best School to Teach English in SD?

    I am planning to teach ESL in Santo Domingo after completing the CELTA course. Last time I visited I checked out Dominico-Americano. It seemed nice but I've heard the pay isn't as good as some other places. Could someone please recommend some other schools to teach English in Santo Domingo? Thanks!
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    Back in NYC and Missing DR

    I spent the last several months in DR (primarily in Santo Domingo). Last week I returned to NYC and I fell into a depression. I'm finally coming out of it but I'm wondering if I should take the leap and live in DR. In June I begin the CELTA course (specializes in teaching English to adults). My...
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    Dating Multiple Dominicans

    Since coming to DR, I've noticed how easy it is to meet people for dating. Currently I'm dating two people. One of them is possessive and has expressed a disdain at the idea of me seeing someone else. Yet he is still living with the mother of his child. I understand that he does so for the good...
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    TITANIC 3D- best cinema in Santo Domingo?

    I have fallen in love with the Dominican Republic during the past year. Being from NY, the only thing I miss from there are some of the large cinemas. I have been to the Acropolis and Malecon Cinemas. Both of them were fine, but I'd really like to see TITANIC 3D as well as The Avengers (opening...
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    Why Did You Move Here?

    I visited DR for the first time one year ago. Already I have returned twice. The last time I was there I stayed a month and took a Spanish class. I am coming next week to stay an additional month. There is something about DR that keeps me coming back. I can describe it more as a feeling. As...
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    I am planning on living in Santo Domingo for two months. I am concerned that I am on three prescribed medications and that I'll have a hard time filling them. I was thinking of trying to get off the medications. They are anti-depressant/anxiety meds. It's possible I won't really need them, but I...
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    Best Places for a Single Male (gay) to travel in DR (besides Santo Domingo)

    I am looking to enjoy the Dominican Republic as a solo traveler. I know many places cater to families and couples. My main concern is not staying at a hotel/resort full of families and couples (regardless of sexual orientation) and feeling out of place. I really would like to explore Puerto...