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    Scott Teilhaber

    He was quite the colorful guy for sure. As some people said, he was the kind of guy you loved to hate.
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    Amnesty Law...Until Mid-January

    How can a person find what the current property tax value is?
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    Today's US Exchange Rate

    58.25 Caribe Sosua
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    Is the curfew ending 17 May?
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    Cruise Ships

    The cruise ship that passed the North coast was RCL Adventure of the Sea. It says the destination is now LaRomana, earlier it was Labadee. Current location is NE of Punta Cana, heading 163, speed 7.8 knots. No idea if there are passengers onboard or just crew. Quite amazing the number of cruise...
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    Shipping presceiptions to DR

    I've had no problems refilling through Costco for delivery to EPS Miami and further delivery to Sosua. It's much less expensive than buying here.
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    Dogs at the Vet

    Three dogs are sitting in the waiting room at the vet's when they strike up a conversation. The black Lab turns to the chocolate Lab and says, "So why are you here?" The brown Lab replies, "I'm a ****er. I **** on everything....the sofa, the curtains, the cat, the kids. But the final straw was...
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    You're free to go

    One day in the future, OJ Simpson has a heart-attack and dies. He immediately goes to hell, where the devil is waiting for him. 'I don't know what to do here,' says the devil. 'You are on my list, but I have no room for you. You definitely have to stay here, so I'll tell you what I'm going to...
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    There was an extensive thread years ago on cabana's. Time for an update in the interest of public information. I have a "friend" that wants to visit one on the north coast area including Santiago. What's available in upper class?
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    DR agency giving to Clinton Foundation?

    Saudis, Indians among Clinton foundation donors - Yahoo! News I found parts of it interesting. For instance, "Other foreign governments also contributed heavily to the foundation. AUSAID, the Australian government's overseas aid program, and COPRESIDA-Secretariado Tecnico, a Dominican...
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    Makita tools

    I've looked without success to find a Makita dealer in DR. More specifically, I want a LS1013FL Miter Saw and a 2704 Table Saw. Being a guy I could easily be persuaded to buy more. Prefer the north side of DR but "have truck, will travel". TIA
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    Port Authority

    Anyone heard of a US$50.00/week charge for boats in transit while docked?
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    Complete eye exam

    I'm needing new glasses, and it's time for a thorough eye exam. Any recommendations for the North Coast including Santiago?
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    Dining in Cabarete

    Five of us went to the Grill 15 Steakhouse in Cabarete this evening. All you can eat steak for US$15.00 plus chicken prepared several ways. No complaints, only praise. Beer and Cuba Libre were a bit pricey, but it is Cabarete. Dessert was an excellent fudge brownie with ice cream. Salad bar was...
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    restoring faith

    Having been here for many years, perhaps i'm somewhat of a cynic since i'm used to things not working well if at all. I'm also a fairly organized person. Imagine my surprise when, tonight, AMET motions me to pull to the side in Sosua. Reach to my wallet for current drivers license, then to the...
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    Residential Hispaniola

    Possibly i'm missing something here, so I would appreciate feedback from the masses. I had intention and the ability to buy a lot in the new Residential Hispaniola. Upon speaking to Werner this afternoon, I was informed that he would not sell to me because I use Julio Brea as my closing...
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    Has anyone heard?

    Has anyone heard about an American and a Dominican being killed last night/early this morning in Puerto Plata? What are the details?
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    Rain Forrest

    Is there a rain forrest region in DR? If not, has there ever been a rain forrest in DR? If it does not exist in DR, is there an area that is close by definition?
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    terms of the deal

    Guy walks into a Dominican bar and notices the best looking woman there is obviously not a player (she's probably from Santiago). But this is DR so it never hurts to ask. He asks if she will have sex with him all night his way for $100. She says of course not. She's a real looker so he asks...