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    Just to set the record straight!

    There are - unsubstantiated - rumours doing the rounds that there was a home invasion in Villas Karibik, La Mulata at the weekend. NOBODY alerted us to this, although we have CCTV, & when somebody farts without permission around here the PN & Fiscal ask to review the recordings that we have...
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    Help ....... trying to fly a dog to USA

    A friend of ours has a dog, large, he weighs about 120lbs with the crate, they need to fly him from North Coast to Seattle area USA. Apparently AA wants US$2,700 to transport the dog!!! :O Any suggestions/solutions please?
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    My biggest regret ...

    ... is finding my parents a place in Terramar Estates/Sunset Valley Estates. Sosua instead of Costambar. We're staying here for a couple of days ..... gunshots during the night & rowdy neighbours. The pro-capita crime rate here is much higher than Costambar too. And you pay RIDICULOUS amounts...
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    Re-discover Costambar

    OK folks here's some news for you ......... The Costambar road is fixed!!! I just thought I'd mention that because I've met at least 3 people in the last month who didn't want to come to Costambar because of "the terrible road". Now you've got no excuses! Why visit Costambar? We have a...
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    Dog poisoner caight red-handed

    On Saturday 2nd May 2009 5 dogs & 1 cat were poisoned in Costambar. My beautiful 22mth old German Sheperd was singled out individually by the poisoner because she had to deliberately throw poison through our railings to murder him. Full details on my blog I hope this...
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    Just a quick question. In a Condominium Association what percentage of owners are required to form a legal Quorum & pass motions on changes to the Associations' constitution/rules?
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    Power in Costambar

    For over 5 days parts of Costambar have had no power & the rest of the town had 2 hours a day at most. This morning there was a protest at the main gate. About 60 residents - both gringo & Dominican - were present. The media - TV, radio & newspapers were present. 8 hours later the power was...
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    Interjet Internet service from Viva

    Does anybody have any experience of Vivas' "Interjet" internet service? Is it reliable & fast? Can you connect more than one computer to it wirelessly? Anything would be better than Codetel! Thanks in advance :-)
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    Now the Costambar forum is closed does anyone have anything to say here?
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    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

    The weather is getting a touch cooler. The island is green again after the rains. Costambar is alive with the sound of weed-whackers & machetes working hard clearing lots & trimming verges. The powercuts bear some resemblance to the schedule. Water is starting to flow thru the water mains...
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    Business Opportunity

    Here's an idea for anybody wanting to start a business on the north coast .... We desperately need more variety of eateries in Costambar! Perfection would be somewhere serving English pub-grub - bangers n mash, roast dinners on Sundays, proper toasted sandwiches etc. There's only so much...
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    Real Estate Agents' Dirty Tricks

    Here's what happened to our friends in Costambar ..... On Monday Edenorte cut off the electricity in their house - they had moved in 3 weeks ago & their neice, husband & baby had just arrived for a holiday. It turns out that there was a RD$6,000 unpaid bill the real estate agent had "held...
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    Just to close this properly We obtained 2 quotes for the windows - he was the dearer by 11% so it's not as if we screwed him down to a price for which the job could not be realistically completed. We gave him a realistic time-scale to complete the job & he confirmed it would be possible - we...
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    Name & Shame

    Right folks let's name & shame dodgy contractors! Here's our IDIOT OF THE WEEK EDDY CASTILLO PUERTAS Y VENTANAS of Puerto Plata He has a window company but no truck, only a passola. He had one man & his 9yr old son fitting windows. He blew our invertor at 5pm on a Saturday night & blamed...
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    An outsiders' view of Costambar

    We recently had a visit from our family. They loved the DR & are considering buying a place here. But not in Costambar. As a community Costambar is unique on the north coast, but the infrastructure is pitiful. It must not always have been so & my father-in-law pondered why only half the...