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    Delancer question????

    How long does it usually take for them to come setup up a new service here on the NC? I called yesterday morning to come have us setup for cable and internet and I am still sitting here this a.m. waiting. Good thing my coffee is really good this morning and I still have to get my workout in.
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    Trip to Jamao al Norte

    Met up with my friend John at the Texaco in El Batey, Sosua [/URL][/IMG] Watched the morning buzz of the traffic and the great breakfast cooking somewhere in the neighborhood filled the air with a great aroma. [/URL][/IMG] I had to get my game face on for the day cause I knew this was going to...
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    Mt Isobel trip in Puerto Plata

    Well after seeing Frank12 and Cavebiker post all the cool pics from the countryside, me and the misses decided to load up and head to Mt Isobel this morning. The road going in from the Gran Parada side by Star Hills. Cattle Drive Typical house in the countryside Amarillo The view...
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    Motocross tracks in the north?

    My family and I are planning on moving down into the area hopefully late this summer and my son and I enjoy riding our dirtbikes. I know that there are the Enduro tours out of Cabarete, but are there any actual motocross tracks in the Sosua/Cabarete area? I have used the search feature and the...
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    Newbie to the board come on and bring in the bashing!! jk

    I am American and have been to the DR a few times now, my next trip is in June for a few weeks with the family. We are making this our trial run before taking the plunge and moving fulltime to the Sosua area. I love the DR.