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    Current Status Samana-Santo Domingo Highway?

    Can anyone provide the latest information regarding the current status and realistic opening date of the new highway? I've heard nothing on this end.
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    US Citizens in Samana Meeting

    There is a meeting scheduled by the head of the US Embassy's American Citizen Services section for this Tuesday, Oct 9th, at noon at Hotel el Marinique in Las Galeras. If you are an American citizen living on the Samana peninsula you are invited to attend and meet Mr. Mark Ellis, Section Chief...
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    Kidnapped American lady found alive

    See my post in the other thread for details.
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    Effect of current market declines on the DR

    Chris, First it's comforting to read that you want more discussion regarding the current market's decline in the US and it's effect on the DR. Second, it's pretty difficult to reply to the above when the thread was closed. That said, the most immediate effect is going to be a decline in US...
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    Post related to US and world economy deleted

    It seems the post about a question about dealing with a mortgage in Florida has disappeared from the board. Did it go because the powers that be deemed it not to be DR related? If so I hate to tell you that this IS VERY MUCH DR RELATED as these market problems are going to affect the DR in...
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    First guests via the Santo Domingo-Samana Highway

    Although reporting that it is still an unpaved dirt road in bad condition best traversed by a SUV in places, our first guests using the new highway have arrived. It took them a little over 2 hours to drive up from SD to where the highway intersects the north coast highway just west of the...
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    Refugee Boat to Puerto Rico

    This boat was towed into Las Galeras early this morning. Although the full story is not yet known, about 300 Domincians were caught on the road to Playita Beach during the night. It seems they were brought in by a large truck that disappeared before they were caught. Also, it seems the craft...
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    Samana/El Catey airport progress

    I passed by the new airport on my way to San Francisco de Macoris and a shopping trip at la Sirena (huge, it rivals Wally World) and noticed the new control tower rising above the treeline. The huge 360 degree windows are clearly visable from the highway as was the huge crane towering above the...
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    Photos of el Catey-Samana's New Airport

    I have recieved some nice aerial shots of the new international airport at el Catey. The strip is complete and the terminal building is well under way. Unofficially I'm told it will DEFINATELY open before December, '06. The exact date is expected to be announced shortly. I will post the pics...
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    Another DR Financial Downgrade

    I just recieved this from an international banker friend of mine in London. It was released Friday and will probably be in today's local news. Also, he tells me the Aerodom deal (and Samana's el Catey airport) is dead in the water until all this is resolved. The following is a press release...
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    $300 Million and Not One Centavo for Gas

    Today we had two tourists attacked in an attempt to steal their camera and other personal belongings at a popular but isolated beach near Las Galeras. When we took them to the police to make a report we asked why this popular beach doesn't have any police patrols. The answer: we don't have...
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    Games Restricting Travel to DR

    Today we just had a potential guest cancel her plans for a short stay at our hotel in mid-August. When she tried to get a flight into Sto Dgo via American Air, her flight reservation was denied. It seems that AA has restricted incoming flights due to the games. The guest did not say what the...
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    WHICH Airport ?????

    In today's DR1 Travel News there is a statement by our esteemed Minister of Tourism Subervi Bonilla that he expects 500,000 Puerto Rican visitors to come to the DR. He also goes on to say that a lot of them will be coming to Samana via the new, larger, almost-completed airport (see the news...
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    Law Regarding Pit Bull dogs in Public

    What is the law regarding pit bull dogs in the DR? We have a rich German neighbor who owns a hotel nearby that continues to walk his two pit bulls in public on the beach and deliberately passes in front of our hotel just to molest us, disturb our guests and tease our dogs. We have complained...
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    Malicious Mailings and Virus Alert

    Many of us have been recieving viruses on a fairly regular basis. However, myself and my webmaster began to notice a pattern in the ones we've recieved in the past 6 months. After a lot of tracing email headers, sometimes from infected messages being bounced all around the world in an attempt...
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    New Taliban Solution

    NEW TALIBAN SOLUTION For quick resolution of the Taliban conflict, the Bush administration has implemented the following war tactic: *** PRESS RELEASE *** Redneck Special Forces The latest strategy to drive the Taliban out of the mountains of Afghanistan is to send in a team of Redneck...
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    Tourism down-Concise Report

    Here's a reprint from one of the stories carried on the Caribbean Daily news today (you can find the news link on the upper right corner of most of Samana Net's pages). We'll probably get a further report on our regular news services later. It again indicates that despite a declining market...
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    Saturday night at 8:30pm we felt a jolt that was strong enough to move the furniture in Las Galeras. Nicole was sitting at the comp and the desk moved and I was sitting in the rocker watching TV when the chair suddenly swayed back as the building moved. The jolt was accompanied by a soft, deep...