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    Pueblo Pescadores burned down again in Las Terrenas

    We have a brand new, shiny hospital. Very big. I noticed a lot of interviews with the high and mighty are held outside it recently.
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    Pueblo Pescadores burned down again in Las Terrenas

    Answers to a couple of questions. 1 - LT has it's own fire equipment, but the size of the fire was massive so Sanchez came to assist. 2 - It started around 6am so nobody would have been in the restaurants to use a fire extinguisher. By all accounts it started in the restaurant at the end and...
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    Question on Motorcycle licenses

    I had a reply to an email to INTRANT. Basically said, here are the requirements to add 1b.
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    Question on Motorcycle licenses

    That's a possibility. The version 2 includes 1a, and I wonder if after two years 1b?
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    Question on Motorcycle licenses

    I have a Category 2 Dominican driving license which if I understand correctly is valid for Category 1a motorcycles (upto 125cc). I have held it for 2 years which is the period you have to hold a 1a license before you can get 1b (all motorcycles). My question is, does it now automatically cover...
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    Show of hands - Who is still here in the North East?

    Just wondered who is still around here as it's been very quiet (kicks tumbleweed out of way) as of late.....
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    Power lines - Who is responsible??

    I have an issue with the line that runs from the High Tension line at the road, to a transformer located on my property. The Transformer provides power for 10 properties via individual meters/contadors. There is an issue with the line between the road and the transformer. My understanding was...
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    LT Food Scene

    I prefer places outside of town. - Luis in Coson is good, mainly seafood, but has gotten expensive recently. - Yocelins on the road to Coson, german food. - Places behind the cemetery.
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    SD-Samana Toll Road : Protests 3rd & 4th Feb?
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    Residency Renewal - Husband and wife

    Hi, I am in the process of filling in the forms online but have a question. Do I upload both sets of documents in one application or will it ask for my wides stuff seperately? Cheers
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    Phase II inversor question - Does it need batteries to turn on?

    Ok that question is not quite as daft as it sounds. I have a Phase II inversor, has sat and done its thing happily for years. This week a batter has died in that the pole has melted out of the top of the battery! I discovered this when I came home to no power in the house at all and the...
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    British Driving license holder - getting a Dominican License

    Hi, I am sure I have seen the answer here before but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know the process for getting a Dominican Driving license for a British license holder? I seem to remember you get a 'legal copy' from the embassy in Santo Domingo, then just go to an office in SD or can...
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    Employer changing salary and hours with little notice

    Hi, What feels like a stupid question regarding changes in hours and salary by an employer. After working a company for over 12 months, with a set pattern of hours and salary for the last 3, an employer has announced a change in hours and salary. They are trying to add two working days to the...
  14. D - Codigo Personal

    Ok folks, how can I reset the personal PIN on my sky TV? Forgotten the code, must be getting old.
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    A query about the '10% service charge'

    Hi,  I understand a business in the DR has to share 10% of profit with employees, and also charge ITBIS for the taxman. I am confused about the 10% service charge for restaurants.  How does this have to be distributed to staff and is it shared equally them all or can the proportions vary?
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    Looking for a vehicle

    Hi, I am looking for a vehicle, preferably part time 4 wheel drive and preferably close to Las Terrenas. Budget is low, around the US$6k mark. If anybody knows of anything, PM me please. Cheers Roy
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    Paypal to Banco Popular transfer - How long should it take??

    Well the question is pretty much in the title. After I press ok, how long are we talking? Seconds, minutes, hours, hours, days..... Cheers Roy
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    Looking for a cheap jeep type vehicle

    Hi, Anyone know of a cheap jeep type vehicle up for sale? Suzuki SJ410/413 would be fine. PM me if you do. Cheers Roy
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    Is a medical required for renewal of temporary residency?

    Is a medical required for renewal of temporary residency or is it just paperwork? Thanks Roy
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    Looking for 2 x 250w Solar panels

    Hi, Any recommendations on where I can get 2 x 250w solar panels in or around Las Terrenas please? Cheers Roy