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    Building an Outdoor kitchen...

    I would love to build an outdoor kitchen behind our house in the country...... Does anyone have one of these, would you please post pictures of it and information on how much it cost to build...... Or just post pictures of ideas you can give me........ To make it economical I was thinking of...
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    Airport transportation

    Would like information on airport transportation out of of Puerto Plata Airport (pop) the beaches. I know they have buses and private taxis, would appreciate names and rates. thanks.
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    So when will the oil spill reach the DR :(

    Who else is concerned and very worried about this catastrophy? This tragedy will have a huge impact on the marine life and human life as well and if its not stopped, well only time will tell the consequences of it. I pray that BP can find a solution to the gushing pipe, its heartbreaking to...
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    Spend your pesos in Dominican economy

    Ayuda a nuestra economia > La DGII ha decidido este a?o que devolver? a cada >> contribuyente la suma de RD$ 10,000.00 por impuestos pagados de mas en >> el a?o 2007. >> >> Si decidimos gastarlos en >> Pricesmart o Jumbo, el dinero ir?a b?sicamente a CHINA. >> >> Si decidimos gastarlo en >>...
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    Planning on starting a library at the Campo

    I am planning on starting a library in the campo, near San Jose delas Matas, province of SAntiago. On my next trip to the DR in the summer I will be bringing some books to start, not many because of the weight restrictions. There's a couple that stays in our house so we'll come up with a...
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    Tertulia -Solo Para Mujeres.

    Hello everyone!!!! LADIES, I am cordially inviting you to a poetry reading. Its going to be a magical night of sharing beautiful poems, Reading book excerpts and discussions about love and staying in love. Reading will be done mostly in SPanish and also in English. Please contact me and tell...
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    Meteor Shower Peaks Friday, 12/14/07

    Hopefully the weather will be clear and many of you can enjoy the meteor shower on Thursday night friday morning. Please go out and tell us about it, I might stay up for a little bit and try to see it, maybe. - Geminid meteor shower Dec 14, 2007
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    Costs on transporting deceased to the DR.

    Hi everyone, this is something many of us don't like talking about, dying. We have been forced to think about this situation. My father has had a few strokes in the past 2 years and is living in the US, we would love to buried him in the DR when his time comes BUT I've heard this process is...
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    Bachata - Tango

    Last night I was at the South St.Seaport/NYC, having dinner at a Cuban Restaurant and as I looked down over the outdoor terrace I see people dancing tango. We went downstairs to the dock between the ships where this was taking place. We sat with our glasses of cabernet/sauvignon and watched...
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    El Cantante -the movie - Johnny Pacheco

    Hey guys went to see the movie "El Cantante" Hector Lavoe It was wonderful to see the beginnings of some of these great musicians like our Dominican Johnny Pacheco, Santiago born. also feature was Willie Colon, Ruben Blades, which I didnt know wrote the song "El Cantante". here is a link to a...
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    How do Dominicans get their "apodos" (nicknames)

    Since someone else asked why do Sankies have nicknames I thought we would talk about the origins of the nicknames of many Dominicans. Usually the nicknames are created when you are a child growing up. The smaller children cannot pronounce the names of the older children and so whatever sound...
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    Old World Spanish Words.

    Has anyone had the opportunity to be around older folks who still use those old Spanish words. My father's 85+ years old cousin uses these old words and today I finally got the right spelling of this one - he says "faidequera" and it should be faltriquera which means 1. f. Bolsillo de las...
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    The Inquisition in the DR?

    Last night I watched a program about the Inquisition, in Spain. I have never really read much about it but what I've studied in High School or what I have seen in some movies. So I was wondering if the Inquisition was at its height in Spain at the end of the 1400's when Columbus set sail to...
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    Vacilan al Pintor -youtube

    YouTube - el vacilon de la mañana-el pintor
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    Tongue Twisters in Spanish

    How many tongues twisters do you know? For Spanish learning student these can be good pronunciation practice. Tres tristes tigres, tragaban trigo en un trigal en tres tristes trastos. En tres tristes trastos tragaban trigo tres tristes tigres. R con R cigarro, R con R barril. R?pido corren los...
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    Going back to where it all started - re:Anthony Santos

    My parents came to the US in the 60's, my siblings were born in the DR and I was born in the US. Because my parents came to the US we had our 3 meals a day. There are so many families in the DR, in the campos, in the small pueblos, in the cities that go hungry, parents who can't afford to give...
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    Premios Lo Nuestro 2007

    So who watched last night Los Premios Lo Nuestro? I know many don't follow these type of award shows because they don't really award the ones who deserve them. BUT BUT BUT if you didn't watch you missed a great moment when Juan Luis Guerra was awarded "Premio a la Excelencia" y que...
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    Ninos travieso

    Mischievous Brothers in Santiago Two little boys, ages 8 and 10, are excessively mischievous. They are always getting into trouble and their parents know all about it. If any mischief occurs in their town of Santiago, the two boys are probably involved. The boys' mother heard that a...
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    The Dominican Internatiional Film Festival 2006

    I never heard of this festival!!! Sounds exciting for the DR. I just saw a commercial on the ABC family Network about this festival. Dominican International Film Festival
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    Wife's duties

    :angry: The Good Wife's Guide :angry: :angry: