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    Buying Used Car

    Hello. Who was the gentleman on DR1 that helps folks buy a Used car? I am buying one for a friend in Bonao. My last purchase of a Hyundai here turned out to be a lemon.
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    Air Conditioner

    Any recommendations on where to buy a decent economical air conditioner for a medium sized bedroom. Type/model, energy size, approximate price, store. I am buying one for someone in Bonao but Santiago or Santo Domingo is ok. A transformer explosion blew out the A/C they have. Thanks for your help.
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    Stuck inside the albatros with the Juan Dolio blues again

    Albatros Resort, Juan Dolio. For the last full week residents here are only getting a rationed 6-8 hours of luz daily. Short story long is "Management" wont pay the high utility bill, doesnt have the cash, or something worse, and there is no fix the problem plan in place. My RD friend suggests a...
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    Rx Medication Donation

    A close relative of mine has Parkinsons and has an over supply of a very expensive effective new Parkinson drug Rytary (Carbidopa-Levodopa). The Rx mail order company that sends it to him wont take returns. Rytary is extended release Sinemet and much more effective than the generic short acting...
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    Gastroenterologist or Hospital with good Gastroenterology clinic in Santo Domingo

    Does anyone know a good one in Santo Domingo. I may need an endoscopy soon.:(
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    Best Hospital ERs in Santo Domingo

    Hello. Can any one tell me what are considered the 2 best Hospitals for major emergencies in Santo Domingo.
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    Plastic Surgery

    Dominican Friend wants breast enlargement. Anyone have a Plastic Surgeon recommendation and approximate cost. She went to one consult in Santo Domingo and quote was $3,500 which I think is about the same price as in the USA. Surprising the cost would be about the same as in the USA which is not...
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    Seeking apartment/hotel in Jarabacoa for 1 mo stay Oct-Nov

    1 or 2 bedroom w small kitchen area, window screens, internet, nice view. 1 month stay oct 15-nov 15, willing to pay up to $1,250. Surprised there are a thousand of these places on the North coast but nothing in Jarabacoa other than $300 per night mansions or hotel rooms w/o kitchen or...
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    Kite Beach, Cabarete, beach no more

    When I was last staying here a couple of years ago there was a nice beach bordering the beach front buildings. Now no more beach. The ocean is crashing into walls and they have put up sandbags all over to try to save the crumbling concrete beach walls. Going a little east to main Cabarete beach...
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    Do I break the 30 day overstay rule if...

    I came in april 29, wednesday, plan on leaving may 29 friday. Want to be sure how they count days at the airport and if the law is over 30 days, or 30 days and over.
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    Looking for apartment in Juan Dolio/Boca Chica area

    Returning to RD for a few months early December and looking for a beach place in the area of Juan Dolio to Boca Chica. Studio or 1 bedroom, A/C, wifi, window screens, furnished, 2nd floor or above, nice view, in range of $500 to $1,500 per month. If you have something available, pls email me.
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    Where can Dominicans travel for a few months without an immigration hassle?

    hi, I want to take my Dominican girlfriend on a trip somewhere in South or Central America for 2-3 months. I have read the post on countries where Dominicans can go without a Visa. I want to find a country where she can enter without an airport immigration hassle, and then stay with me for 2-3...
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    Costambar Playa, Tropical Paradise...not

    Still ready to give the area a thumbs up but whats wrong with luz? I think I read a post 2 years of constant power outages here but I would have thought a tourist destination seeking tourist dollars would have fixed the problem by now. Yesterday 24 hours no luz. The half ass inverter backup at...
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    Looking for long term rental in Jarabacoa

    Looking for a long term rental in Jarabacoa for 2 adults... Condo or Small house, peaceful area w nice view ..furnished 1 or 2 bedrooms..$500 to 1,000 per month range. Pls email me if u have something.
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    Hilton Malecon Bar 2 for 1... rip off alert..

    Decided to take my novia to the beautiful Hilton Malecon Santo Domingo 5th floor bar for the 2 for 1 special. I live right down the street. A glass of house wine normally goes for 250.. an upgrade from the normal 130 peso Presidentes at the local colmado. The bill comes and it turns out the...
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    Not that there is anything wrong with that

    Single straight guy seeks similar to go out with occasionally. Currently living beach side in Sosua towards Cabarete...previously in Santiago. Interests finance, women, trying to live the easy life here in DR, etc. I don't drive in RD but I pay for gas and the first drink. I am tired of...
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    Any Self Employment opportunities in RD for Dominicans?

    My girlfriend lost her 5,000 pesos a month secretary job in Santiago a few months ago. Like many young adults in this country she cant find reemployment even at those low wages..and she has looked. I want to help her and was wondering if there are any self employment options here. I would be...
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    Looking for all items to furnish a 2 bedroom apt. in Santiago

    Hi, i am looking to furnish an apartment in Santiago. Need all items for kitchen, bedroom, living room,etc. TV, stove, bed, chairs, table, sofa, etc. If you have anything in decent shape for good price and are in or near Santiago please let me know. I think i have set up my account to allow you...