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    Construction Supplies - Residential

    Good advice, thanks....I like the architect idea anyway....for a custom build, he knows what he designed and what he wants...and I'll be on the whole thing should be good...take care.
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    Construction Supplies - Residential

    I hear you...if I do it, I'll have a proper architect/engineering firm and contractor...AND be all over it.
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    Construction Supplies - Residential

    ??Where is Ochoa?....You brought up the next question....known architects...any suggestions?...I'll search here of course too////
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    Construction Supplies - Residential

    Good points, hadn't crossed my mind to buy existing crap, and then scrape the lot!
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    Construction Supplies - Residential

    True, everywhere...what about the prices of existing houses and condos?
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    Construction Supplies - Residential

    Hello All: I am starting to pencil out the costs of building a custom house with pool on the North Coast, probably Sosua/Cabarete area....if anybody experienced at this here would like to recommend contractor supply companies in the area, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction...
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    Thanks...any intel on the Waterfront project idea then???
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    Hilltop Condos Sosua-Playa Alicia.....anybody stayed there, or bought there.....what's the skinny on this building???
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    Sosua - Welcome to the Red Zone - Sosua

    I wondered about this aspect, not knowing much about it beyond the obvious.
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    Boca NOW?

    I'm curious about how Boca Chica is, lately from a resident, or recent long term visitor; not having been there for over a decade myself.....but used to go a lot before that and had fun there. I saw on the interweb that the entire beachfront and hill behind the beach has been built out and up...
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    SDQ-STI-POP...bus companies Latest/Greatest Plz

    I stumbled upon a website, that I can't find again. It's a bus company that looks great and has all the routes and prices and all one needs to travel by nice coach between all airport locations and then some.....LT, LG, etc also....which companies come to mind as being like this now....the best...
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    Las Terrenas Vibe...

    I never seem to make it to Las Terrenas but I wonder about one there a there there? By that i mean is there an area where people congregate at night with restaurants, and bars, and shops, and pizza counters....or whatever; so that there is a semi-central area? By rough comparison...
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    Newer building at Playa Alicia

    Hey all....I saw a drone video of Playa Alicia and there is now a building where the Waterfront restaurant and bungalows were.....I didn't notice if the German built large house next to it was still there or not....was from about 1970's I think. Anyway, whats the new building, condos?...hotel...
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    Comparable recent sales data availability...

    If possible, where can one find the comprehensive recent sales data for properties? Notice I wrote if possible. But somehere, maybe by province, or city, I don't know, but thinking there probably is a property registry where transactions are listed. My interests are Sosua, and northeast...