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    Shipping a Car back to the USA...shipper?

    Hey guys, anyone here ever have success with sending a car back to the states? Any suggestions on a shipping company would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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    Moving back to the US...Need shipping advice please!

    My family and I are leaving Santo Domingo and moving back to GA...Does anyone have a contact for a good door to door shipper? Its just a bunch of boxes of household goods, clothes, and other random things. When we moved here we had a 20 foot container and I'm hoping to move back without spending...
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    Real Estate Agent in Santo Domingo

    Anybody on here an agent in the Santo Domingo area? We're specifically looking to purchase a PH apartment in or around the Bella Vista area... PM me here for more details...Thanks!
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    Couple general Questions...Moving to SD in November

    Hi everyone, My name is Ryan and I'll be a new Santo Domingo resident this coming November...I'm moving there from the Los Angeles area with my Dominican(although she's Chinese...haha) wife and have a couple questions that I'm hoping to get answered. First I'd like to say how awesome this board...