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    Can I get dental veneers in Las Terrenas?

    Does anyone know a good "cosmetic dentist" in LT? I chipped a front tooth and need veneers-- I was going to just ask LTSteve this question, as I understand there's a dentist in Don Cesar where he used to live... but decided to ask you all ;) I could also go to the Capital if there's someone...
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    Update and Report on Basura Para Comida in Las Terrenas

    Our first cleanup and family food project in barrio El Manantial was a big success- Two full truck-loads of basura (100+ large bags) were collected by the neighborhood families in exchange for buckets of food (rice, beans, sardines, etc.... value 800 pesos). Children were also paid in pesos...
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    Nudist Basura Collection!

    Okay... I'm kidding about the nudist part; but i didn't think I'd get any views otherwise! I posted in LIVING about my desire to help feed a poor barrio in Las Terrenas, and after receiving many great ideas, this is the plan for: "Basura Para Comida" (Garbage for Meals) I plan to replicate in...
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    Need advice on food to buy and donate to a poor neighborhood

    I want to make food weekly food donations to families in a very poor neighborhood in Las Terrenas and need some advice... I know HOW and to WHOM to give the food and plan to spend approx $200/week; however, I don't know WHAT to buy... Bulk rice? beans? milk? chicken? Forgive my ignorance...
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    Do I HAVE to use a lawyer to get my Haitian workers their work permit?

    I apologize if this has been asked+answered.... Apparently, my Haitian manager, housekeeper and gardener need some type of new document stating they work for me... Is there an online form I can use or must I use my lawyer? Gracias, as always, for your help. Susan
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    I need to buy a new or used adult wheel chair...

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a new or used wheel chair in Las Terrenas? Gracias! Susan
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    Cost Plus for microwave?

    Hola mis amigos... We need a microwave and swimming pool supplies and had heard about Cost Plus......are there better stores for those items, and does Cost Plus require a membership? Gracias!
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    Looking to buy a new or used queen mattress in LT

    It appears the store that sold appliances and mattresses at the 3-way intersection is gone... Does anyone know where we can purchase a mattress here in LT? Gracias!!
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    best ferreteria in santiago?

    Hola DR1ers.... I'm going to Santiago ma?ana (thurs) for dental work and would also like to get some pool chemicals, garden tools and ceramic tiles .... is there one great ferreteria for these items or can anyone also recommend a good tile store? Gracias, susan
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    Gathering in memory of Bruce Pierson Sat. Feb 8, 6:15 pm, Playa Popy

    As you may know, Bruce Pierson, co-owner of DRParadise and a resident of Las Terrenas for over a decade, died unexpectedly on Sunday, January 27, in Virginia Beach, VA. An informal "Circle of Friends" sharing laughter and memories of Bruce will take place at Sunset (6:15-6:45 PM) on...
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    HELP!! I always get lost trying to go from northwest Sto. Dom back to Samana Hwy!

    Can someone PLEASE tell me the best and fastest way to get from PriceSmart back to the road to Las Americas? The last times I tried to take JFKennedy from IKEA to 27 de Sept, I ended up stuck under the highway in the middle of the Duarte market!:confused: This time I need to get from PriceSmart...
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    I'm looking for man (named Tiberius?) who makes outdoor canopy -white awning

    Hola mis amigos! I need a very small canopy for my house here in Las Terrenas and was told the Italian man who makes them lives in Nagua.... He made them for the restaurant Mojitos and Big Dan's Polar Bar......Does anyone know who I'm talking about??? Gracias!! Susan
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    Bus (or private ride) from Santiago to Las Terrenas?

    Hola mis amigos- Hopefully Hillbilly or one of you other Santiago experts can tell me: What time does a bus go from Santiago to Las Terrenas? I need one this Friday afternoon-- (and if YOU happen to be DRIVING to Las Terrenas this Friday afternoon, I'll split the gas and tolls!:) Gracias-- Susan
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    Gotta dig a new septic tank

    Can anyone give me a ballpark price for a septic tank large enough to handle a one bathroom, 2 bedroom house? Our present tank is too easily flooded and doesn't appear to have a proper leech field- My maestro often seems to pull prices out of thin air, so I like to have something to compare...
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    Farewell to Pi2 (aka Xanadu).... R.I.P.

    Pi2 (aka Xanandu) was aka "British Steve" here in Las Terrenas-- Although frequently mocked and ridiculed in this forum, Steve was a lovely, VERY intelligent man and lively conversationalist. He died last month from tuberculosis and cancer.
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    Las Terrenas hotel is voted 5th BEST bargain hotel in the Caribbean!

    Wow! It was announced yesterday that Casas del Mar Neptunia in Las Terrenas won the prestigious 2013 Travelers Choice Award as the 5th BEST budget hotel in the entire Caribbean!! Owners (and my close friends :) Jim and Suzanne Sautner have worked hard to create a beautiful...
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    Cost of Taxi from Puerto Plata to Las Terrenas??

    Hola North Coasters! Anyone know the one-way cost for a taxi from POP to Las Terrenas (for 2 people with luggage) and how long is the drive? Muchas gracias- :) Susan
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    Just bought a pasola--- any advice??

    So...because a car was too darned expensive.... I bought a used SYM Jet125 to get around Las Terrenas-- I'm still practicing on my side road before I take it into town AND I wear a helmet- But I'm having trouble with turns....apparently it's not the same as riding a bicycle! :speechles I...
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    Car dealer in SD?

    I need to buy a car before taxes increase on Jan 1 and would like to be able to keep the car in the capital when I return to the states- Wm Webster has given me one name (gracias!) and I'm looking for any other recommendations -- Please post here or send me a PM-- Thank you and Feliz...
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    Car taxes rising??

    I was advised that taxes on car purchases are rising on Jan 1-- If you'all say this is true, then I need to get to the capital and buy my car pronto!! Gracias-