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    Land Prices

    These prices are crazy high, should be around 15k to 25k pesos per tarea. It’s farm land not a lot in the capital.
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    Environment limits cattle ranching in mountain areas

    I am not familiar with the Jarabacoa area, but my understanding is that most of the damage is done by people burning down to set up a small plantation or the ilegal cutting of trees to make charcoal. Hills are not the best place for cows, maybe goats.
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    Exploring Domincan Republic vaccine ingredients

    Hey guys. I am a Dominican trained physician and have spent the past 4-5 years working in clinical trials in the US. My big issue with the vaccine is the mRNA technology and the record timeframe from discovery to launch, it can take 7 or more years to go from animal trials to phase I,II and III...
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    Advice on buying a home in the DR

    I am a born a raised Dominican, I would not buy a house in the name of one of my siblings. You need to RUN from anyone suggesting such an idea, once in that person’s name you will lose all claim to that property. There have been a bunch of Dominicans ripped off by very nice dominicans who come...