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    Drug Money; USA vs DR.

    How much money is DR receiving annually from drug trafficking?. Nals mention in another thread that it was about 2 billions dollars, which would be around 2.5% of the GDP, is this accurate?. Percentage wise, how does it compare what DR receives in drug money to what the US receives?. How...
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    Ranking Dominican Women

    Many times I have been approached by guys from other countries and been told about how beautiful, gorgeous, voluptuous & extremely sexy Dominican women are. I find this true, specially in first world countries were my country ladies have more mean$ at their disposal to better frame their...
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    What Benefit Do We Get From You Guys?.

    ........if any. How do Dominican society benefits from your presence?, even if expats only impact their surrounding neighbors.
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    Dominican Women & Adultery

    According to People magazine up to 54% of American women commit adultery. What is the percentage among Dominican women?.
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    The "Isle of Boozodoo"

    Have you ever had a vision Of an island far away Free from blight of Prohibition? -- Would you like to go and stay? -- Island of our ardent fancies Void of life's vicissitudes; Isle where "bacardi" enhances Generous Nature's lavish moods. This is from U.S. naval officer Constantine M...
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    The Pennsylvania "Love" & Dominicans.

    I meant to say "Pennsylvania Law". For the life of me I'm not making this up. The dust has not settle yet on the controversial Arizona law when congressmen in the Pennsylvania legislation (State Reps. Daryl Metcalfe and Harry Readshaw) has introduced a bill with the same characteristic...
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    The Arizona "Hate" & Dominicans.

    A few months ago when the Health Reform bill was passed Nancy Pelossi promised not to bring to congress this year any bill that would compromise the chances of Democratic congressmen of being reelected. With the passing in Arizona of SB 1070, and the massive protests carried out nationwide by...
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    The perfect "con con".

    Need to say no words!.
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    Leonel a drugdealer?, Vincho a parasite?.

    But only according to this brave lady. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    10 Simple Google Search Tricks

    10 Simple Google Search Tricks -
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    Dominican Republic: The Coup That Became a War

    "..........Now the firing grew in intensity, and rebel bullets whined past the U.S. troops. Near the U.S. embassy, two marines caught the full blast from a hidden machine-gun nest in an unfinished building a short distance away. Nine more were wounded before bazooka men came up to blast the nest...
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    Eric Holder after Figueroa?

    I don't know if this've been posted, just wanted to share. Accused U.S. drug lord eludes police - Americas-
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    Six steps down the stair

    The name of this hottie is Radhames Garcia Ramos, former congresman who in 2005 was convicted of providing chinesse nationals false papers to enter DR. In 2009 he made some infamous remarks stating that if a woman get raped, instead of going to an abortion clinic (which in his opinion is...
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    DR gets abused in Wikipedia

    In Wikipedia, in an article about racism there's a section about State Sponsored Racism where Dominican Republic gets mentioned with flying colors. Here's a screenshot: I know there's some level of racism involved in the treatment of Haitians in DR, but to suggest that it played an...
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    How Would You Cap These Pics?

    From the Archive of Life Magazine 3 pics showing a "taunting boy" who got killed in 1965 by a soldier guarding the National Palace. I think of something along the line of "They won't dare to shoot me in front of the camera" or "Caged Animal".
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    How Many?

    Does anybody have solid information about the number of Haitians crossing illegally to DR?. Not only the number of people already living there but how many cross the border daily?
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    Real Tragedy

    Read in another forum that every single month more than 37,000 sacks of charcoal are being produced off the Sierra of Bahoruco alone, almost entirely by Haitians. My question is for those familiar with that area; how long before there's no one single tree standing in that part of the...
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    Jamie Foxxxxxxx Chickened out!

    Good article on LA Times. Excerpt; 'La Soga': The inside scoop on murder and corruption in the Dominican Republic "It isn't easy making a movie in the Dominican Republic. When Michael Mann tried shooting part of "Miami Vice" there in 2005, a gunfight broke out near the film set, prompting...
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    Three Time's A Charm

    Saw this in another forum, Anibal Rosario, a congressman was caught on camera voting three times using devices of congressmen that weren't present. This not only speaks about the corruption of all the government branches, but also about the level of stupidity of this people, how can...
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    Digital Library of the Caribbean

    Nice coleccion of free books, I think mostly in Spanish. tragedia dominicana