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    Dolores needs a time out.

    As the topic says.
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    North coast windmills?

    It's been overcast with limited views lately. But what a WOW when we noticed this. 14 big electric windmills popped up in the, not sure exactly, Costambar/Cofressie. (Spelling excused)
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    Cost of living since pandemic.

    We all know that the pandemic has brought tourism to almost a halt though the D.R. is now reporting a great increase. Also noted that exports have been down and imported goods expensive. The Haiti boarder closure effects are yet to be released. The D.R. says that they have increased...
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    Dominican potatoes for Frito Lays?
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    The cost of eating.
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    Dec. 9, 2020

    Hey Mike! Blowing stink out of the N. to NNW. Seas short and choppy but no swells at this time. Rather unusual but see a rather large burst/front shear coming right at us. Cold too. Lol.
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    Today's exchange rate.

    Investers corner. Due to a very volatile market, would like daily rates in here. Areas will differ. Point only looking at current rates and when to buy/sell the Dominican peso.
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    Hey Whirlybird!

    Wife and I thinking about you and how you are doing? Simple as that.
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    BIG WAVES? "The National Weather Service’s Ocean Prediction Center reported that a satellite...
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    Max 8 on AA schedule POP.

    We are going to BVI in July and started booking flights. POP to MIA on American and noticed that they have the MAX 8 as the plane. We found this a little odd since certification has not been completed and many pilot and cabin attendends unions would need to also "sign off" on those planes. My...
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    American teacher is found strangled in Puerto Plata So sad. Condolences to her friends and family.
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    Sharing your location.

    My wife and I travel a lot and mostly alone for business and use Uber most of the time. We always check out the Uber to be sure that it is the real car. BUT... with the uptick in predators and another person(s) gone missing in the D.R., we reviewed our personal security precautions that are...
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    Gate opener, POP area.

    Our entry gate opener has been having some problems for some time and our "expert" is not. Need a new unit. Ours is 20 years old and we are tired of the band aid that does not work. (Nothing like coming home at night and can't get into your own property.) POP area. Who has fair prices...
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    AA adding 2nd MIA/POP and POP/Mia flights

    Don't know when it starts but found in Jan. Don't know if only for the tourist season. (Called AA and they didn't know?) American Airlines has added 7:57 AM POP/Mia and a 8:11 PM Mia/POP flights. These two added flights will be great for us, despite the hour, so we can catch connecting...
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    Over 30 days your passport is blocked.

    Wife just flying out of POP. She just texted me. "New immigration system. All foreign passports with a stay >30 days are automatically blocked So every time they have to take documents over to another station to unblock it" We are Dominican residence but appears that does not matter. We have...
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    New Dog Virus!

    I posted this in another thread but thought that it should get a little more exposure to all our dog owners. --------------------- Our puppy Noche is staying and being treated at our Vet, Dr. Bobs. We HAVE been in touch with Conchman to advise since he should monitor his other dogs. We also...
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    Metro bus shut down? Santo Domingo.- The Internal Taxes Directorate (DGII) on Monday shuttered the terminal of Metro bus company for failure to utilize fiscal printers and tax receipts, as well as violation of Tax Code...
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    March For Our Lives; DR?

    If you don't know what this is about then please don't comment. If you are involved or have direct knowledge; then please do. Please keep this within direct Dominican Republic context. I saw someplace ??? that support rallies were being done here in the D.R. but have not been able to find...
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    Cancer treatment and Hospice in the D.R.

    Though good wishes are nice but I'm really looking for first hand experience here in the Dominican Republic. My brother had multiple myeloma about 5 years ago and has been good until; we are waiting for the final lab results. It could be prostate rather then the mm coming back. His wife had...
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    Calling Mike Fisher!

    Two articles caught my attention today so you get them both. One reason is that have had boats and the second that I was an "investigator" dealing with boats/ships. Both from Dominican Today...