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    Can Anybody Recommend or Provide a Place in Santiago to Print Photos?

    Hey everyone, is there a place in Santiago I can email photos to be printed and pick up by a family member? Just had a life change event and family wants to see pics, however, none have Internet or email addresses (Old folks)...I try to ask them to find a closed by internet center to no avail...
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    Clementina Plantations

    Hello, does anybody knows or can provide a reference on Clementina fruits plantation in the DR? I'm not sure there if there is any, I'm interested on finding out if they exist and how we can contact the business. For the ones that are not familiar with Clementinas...
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    Santo Domingo Temp Office Rental

    A friend is looking for a temp business office space in DR to conduct meetings, receive phone calls and to conduct business for a few weeks. Any ideas of this service being offer in the SD area? I check on Regus website, but their only location is at the SDQ Admiral's Club, which is not good...
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    DR Foreign HR Resources

    In the last few weeks the DR government and private sectors have posted or hired foreigners to help the country's electric and tourism problems. In my opinion, if the government had made the effort years ago integrating the large Dominican community those resources could have been from our DR...
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    Two Old Guys

    Two old guys, one *80 *and one *87*, were sitting on their usual park bench one morning. The *87* year old had just finished his morning jog and wasn't even short of breath. The *80* year old was amazed at his friend's stamina and asked him what he did to have so much energy. The *87* year...
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    Infertility IVF Clinic in Santiago

    Hello everyone, I have a question in regards to an IVF clinic in Santiago. Has anybody heard or have done business with "Instituto de Reproduccion y Ginecologia del Cibao". I'm thinking of using their services, I'm planning to pay them a visit next month to inspect the facilities, interview...
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    VoIP on a 3G Claro Card

    Hi, has any of you had a good experience using VoIP devices with a 3G Claro Internet USB card? What about using linked to a router for wireless connection around the house? Thanks!