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    Batteries for solar system

    We need to replace our gel batteries and our installer wants us to get lithium. Anyone with experience ?
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    What about Jarabacoa?

    A friend of mine is thinking of relocating to the DR . I have lived on the north coast for 10 years and thought I could be of some help to him. But, he is interested in Jarabacoa! I went there once to a flower festival! He is self employed, working from home on the computer so basically his...
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    Need a security company - North Coast

    On the north coast able to install a simple system with a "panic button".  Don't need any bells and whistles, I just want to push a button and a loud air horn goes off.  I even have the horn. Just need a few buttons and the stuff that sets off the air horn.
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    Need to go to a baseball game

    This would be an overnight trip for us.  I need to know what stadium would provide the best experience.  Also need recommendations for a place to stay nearby.  
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    first time drivers licence

    Anyone got one lately?  What are latest requirements and sequence of events?  
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    Flour, what kind, where to buy

    I have been gifted with a lovely mixer (bosch).  I want to make bread, since this machine does most of the work!  My experience with flour here has been pretty dismal,----any directions would be appreciated.
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    I want to post pics of my puppies

    but I have 2 old MACs and a new ipad and I cant seem to find a resizer that I can download. By using google I have found some good explanations of how to post pictures but it seems you need a resizer . Is there anyone who can help me post pictures of my cute, healthy, happy, wonderful puppies...
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    wonderful puppies

    Mom is a black standard schnauzer, dad is a dominican guy. All SEVEN are healthy, happy and well socialized. They will come with all vacinations and de-worming and with a bag of puppy food. I will pay for nuetering when they are of the right age. Free to a home that is looking for a new...
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    dealing with yard waste

    I have an idea to buy a chipper/dicer/whatever for my yard waste. Then i would use the the stuff as a ground cover/multch for my flower/vegie beds. This would help retain moisture in the beds and would break down to nice soil quicker than the piles of big stuff my gardener secretes around the...
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    orchid show at the Botanical gardens

    Usually its in March but I can't find anything on it and the Gardens website is never updated. Anyone know??????
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    Caribbean baseball playoffs in SD, 2016

    Does anyone know of a hotel near the stadium? How about getting tickets? The various countries are playing off right now and the finals will be held here!
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    security companies?

    We got a quote from a security company to install 2 sirens triggered by "panic buttons", 3 fixed and 2 key fobs. The system is wireless. The quote was just over 800$ US.I don't have any experience in this area but I find this to be very expensive. Anyone with similiar systems?
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    Search engine soooo cumbersome

    A few months ago there was a great thread on furniture stores. Anyone remember? Anyone who knows a secret to using the "search" on this site???
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    Jarabacoa Flower Festival

    Last year was in June. Anyone know the dates for this year?
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    need new tires

    We are in need of 4 new tires,- our 3rd set in less that 3 years! There are some brand name tires available here but when you research the model you find it is a low end model??? So, how does one get a tire that will last us more than 15K? BTW, we are old and usually drive slow, no heavy...
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    need picture framing material

    Especially the wood. I can cut and construct the actual frame. However, wouldn't mind taking the picture to be framed to a place that would do it for me. Anyone got any ideas? Please!
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    Chickens and eggs, beautiful eggs!

    About a year ago I started a thread about raising chickens for eggs but there was not much response. However, one of my friends became very interested and today we each have a few chickens and get the most marvelous eggs! Her chickens are confined to a coup as she has big dogs, mine also have...
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    The dreaded brown beetles

    They call them frijoitos, or christmas beetles and they are invading us! There are 100's and 100's every night! They are stupid and slow moving , running into your face or hair, moving towards the least light. We put on the light in the pool then sit outside in the dark watching them splash...
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    want to help our haitian worker establish residency in this country

    Our worker has been in this country for 5 years. He has his original birth certificate and his residence card from Haiti. We would like to help him establish a legal presence in the DR. As Canadians we had to go through an expensive and lengthy process,--is it the same for Haitians?
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    direct TV available on the north coast???

    We have Dish , because we were told Direct TV didn't work here? We watch a lot of sports (right now baseball) and Dish does not offer the MLB package. And most of the games they do offer are blacked out. Direct TV is much better for sports. Does anyone get Direct TV? If so please PM me how...