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  1. CanWest66

    Puerto Plata restaurant recommendations

    Hi all, I’m looking for some good gastronomy in POP city. Some place that a couple can enjoy a high quality meal that has some good ambiance. Not too fussy on the type of cuisine as long as it’s good and somewhat elegant.
  2. CanWest66

    Cigars in the DR

    I would like to start a discussion about all things related to cigars in the DR. I travel to the DR from time to time and my wife is Dominican, so I have a connection with the country and the people who are my extended family. I plan at some point to live in the DR, at least part time. I am...
  3. CanWest66

    Hi everyone- Re-joining after several year

    Greetings everyone. I was on DR1 a few years ago and I decided to check back in. I live in Canada with my Dominican wife and our two children. We travel back to the DR about every 12 to 18 months. We mostly stay in Santiago and travel to the north coast to get to the beach and relax. I am...
  4. CanWest66

    Visitor visa for mother-in-law?

    Greetings Visa Forum, My wife is expecting and she would like her mother to be here(Canada)for the birth. My mother-in-law does not have great credentials as far as "ties" to the DR, but she does have some property and a job and significant family ties. I realize temporary resident visas are...
  5. CanWest66

    Santiago trip-photos

    My wife and I were in Santiago and area for three weeks visiting her family. Thought some of you might like to see some pics. Pictures by canwest1 - Photobucket
  6. CanWest66

    Car Rental in Santiago.

    Could someone please tell me if they know of a good car rental agency in Santiago. I have rented many times in the DR and booked through Expedia but I was wondering if there is a good local rental agent off airport. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  7. CanWest66

    Family adoption

    Is it possible to adopt a child related to you? My wife is Dominican and we live in Canada and we are wondering if it would be possible fo us to adopt a specific child related to her. Thanks for any information you give on this. CanWest
  8. CanWest66

    Cabarete by-pass.

    I have heard lately that there is a plan(or idea, I'm not sure which) to build a by-pass road around Cabarete and leaving the existing road through town for foot traffic only. Personally I quite like the idea, but I was wondering about the lagoon and the environmental impact of road construction...
  9. CanWest66

    Where to buy A/C unit Pto. Plata area?

    I am interested in getting an air conditioning unit for my apartment in Cabarete. Something to handle 1100 sq feet, two bed two bath. Anyone know of a reputable place that will also install? Cheers, Tom.
  10. CanWest66

    Driving from La Romana to Cabarete

    Can anyone tell me the quickest route from La Romana to Cabarete??? I believe there is a route from the south coast highway to Nagua that would by-pass SD and Santiago. We will be flying into La Romana and renting a car there and we need to get to the north coast as quickly as possible. Any help...
  11. CanWest66

    Barcelo Capella Juan Dolio??

    Anyone been to the Barcelo Capella in Juan Dolio lately? My wife and I will be on the south coast for four days in December and I was considering the Barcelo but have read mixed reviews. We will be there from a Monday to a Thursday. (I heard the weekends are to be avoided) Any comments or...
  12. CanWest66

    Immigration Canada Timeline - CANWEST

    CanWest Married ~ Nov.30/08 Application received ~ Feb.16/09 Approved as sponsor ~ Mar.3/09 IN PROCESS ~ Mar10/09 Called by embassy to bring passport and cedula ~ Jun.18/09 Received letter in SD requesting secondary identity documents ~ Jun.22/09 Requested documents delivered to SD ~ July 23/09...
  13. CanWest66

    Transit through the US

    Does anyone know if a Dominican with Canadian PR can transit through the US from Canada on the way to the DR? I am looking for various flight options for travel to the DR in December with my wife.
  14. CanWest66

    Looking to buy a house in Santiago.

    I would like to buy a decent house in Santiago. Is there anything in the $50,000 to $100,000 range that a working class gringo would consider decent? I am open to advice and suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. CanWest66

    Any Dominicans in Vancouver?

    I live in Vancouver and I hope my wife will be joining me soon from the DR and was wondering if there are any spots here where one might find Dominican music, food, people? :classic:
  16. CanWest66

    Question about the medical for PR visa to Canada

    I just got married in Santiago last week, my wife and I are in Caberete on our honey moon. I have been looking over the application for PR in Canada and I am not clear on the medical. Should she take the medical now or after I submit the application package? They seem to say that once her...
  17. CanWest66

    From start to finish; marriage, visas, immigration

    I am not sure where to post this but what I would like is to assemble all the necessary information needed for a Canadian(thats me) who wants to marry a Dominicana and to have her join me in Canada to begin our new life together My Dominican girl friend and I have just become engaged and we are...
  18. CanWest66

    AA meetings in Santiago?

    I am leaving for Santiago in a few days and was wondering if anyone knows if there are any english speaking AA (alcoholics anonymous) meetings in the area. I know of the one in Sosua and will be traveling there later.