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  1. jhgoodwin

    Moving to Las Terrenas soon - seeking a network

    Hi All, My wife and I are planning to move to Las Terrenas soon (hopefully before end of 2021). She is an artist, teacher and entrepreneur. She'd like to make lesson videos and post them online after we arrive. I write computer software in biotechnology and may try forming a new company after...
  2. jhgoodwin

    Legislators defend their perks saying private sector gets more tax exemptions

    I don't think anyone is that worked up over them having the privilege. I think what people find dishonest is being able to *SELL* that privilege. Probably the best way to fix this going forward is to make sure when people use this privilege it only applies to cars that they own under their own...
  3. jhgoodwin

    Cost of electricity in Sosua

    If you are curious, I would get a watt meter to check the power consumption, then add it up, multiply by your cost per kilowatt hour. If you can't account for all costs, it may be things which are plugged in all the time, like porch lights, hot water heater, so on. You can test these by...
  4. jhgoodwin

    Hola, motociclistas! New Motorcycles Coming to the DR!

    ADV Moto, have you considered trying to get a reasonable option to sell for an electric motorbike? For my situation, something similar to the Sondors Metacycle seems like it could be a good option if it is as described.