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    Lionel Messi vacations in DR

    Just out of curiosity. Did you really never heard of him, Lionel Messi, never ever?
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    200 / 500 Euro bills

    anybody know anything? Rumor goes that 200 and 500 Euro bills are no longer accepted in the DR. Neither in regular banks nor at the "cambistas". Is that so? And if yes, why?
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    General Paulino Sem new head of "Migracion"

    Does anybody know something about this man? I was surprised an army guy was appointed. They are saying there won't be no mass deportations in June, but bring in a guy would be perfect to exactly do that.
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    Triple A Larimar??

    I am looking for Larimar stones, but not the regular ones but the dark blue ones. For what I know they call them triple A Larimar. Anybody knows a good place or store where they sell them? Any info much appreciated. Playero
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    EL Catey - L.T. road

    A friend of mine told me yesterday that the government approved the construction of the connection road between the new airport in El Catey and Las Terrenas going through La Majagua and Coson. I always thought this project was long dead and buried. Anybody knows any details? Playero
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    Next Champion?

    As the Round Robin started yesterday I was wondering who you see as the next Dominican Champion and why, and who of the young players you most likely see getting to the Big Leagues some day. Playero
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    timetable for El Catey

    Does anybody know of an official timetable with arrivals and departures for the new airport El Catey in Samana? Any info would be much apreciated Playero
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    Hotel in San Francisco d. M.

    I?m looking for a good hotel in San Franciso de Macor?s. Any information would be much apreciated. Playero