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    Thaksgiving dinner in Puerto Plata

    350 pesos if you sign up in advance or 450 at the door. Turkey, gravy, mashed or roasted potatoes, vegetables, roll and butter, pumpkin pie, cranberries, etc. Read this info today while having lunch at Sam's Bar.
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    hotel in La Cienaga needed

    Does anyone know of a decent hotel in La cienaga?
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    Best Quiche in the DR in Costambar

    :bunny:Today a friend and I tried out the Anchor Tea and Coffee Garden in Costambar. Sue's cheese quiche is amazing. The atmosphere is delightful, and the owners are gracious hosts. There is a lending library and a comfortable lounge as well as a breezy dining area on the deck. The food is...
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    Buying a guitar in PP

    I would like to purchase a good guitar, old or new for a 16 yr old. We looked at La Sirena and they had 2 yamaha guitars. Basically 4000+ to 7000+ pesos. The 7000+ was the better guitar obviously. I know that I can buy this at home a lot cheaper so might wait until I go back, but it would be...
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    Christmas Break

    Can anyone tell me when the school break for Christmas begins in Puerto Plata please?
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    Will there be Thanksgiving Dinner at Sam's Bar?

    Just wondering if there will be Thanksgiving dinner at Joanne's - Sam':bunny:s Bar and Grill. I don't have time to go to Rocky's as my flight leaves that evening to go back to Canada.
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    L'Oreal Hair Colour in Salons on the North Coast

    Before moving to the DR, I need info on hair colouring. I always get my hair done at a salon. I am not a do-it-your selfer when it comes to my hair. Are there salons on the north coast, PP or Sosua, that use L'Oreal professional products?
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    Jet Blue - have you .....

    Have you flown Jet Blue from Syracuse to NY to Puerto Plata? Any problems with connections or lost luggage? Anyone have a good or bad experience?
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    WestJet cancelling all flights for Sept and Oct

    West Jet just called a said my flights from Toronto were cancelled to Puerto Plata. Thank God I booked with a travel agent. They didn't even call her and she did the booking. I am now out for blood. They were going to give me a credit for a flight that I have already paid for. I think not...
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    birthday present for 16 yr old boy

    In September I will be in Puerto Plata for The 16th birthday of a friends son. Any suggestions on what I can bring from Canada as a gift for him. Something special.
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    to diciplemickie

    Hi! Nice to hear from you. I sent you a PM but you are unable to receive them, so I posted my response to you here.:squareeye I am sure that we will meet again soon. I will be moving there in the not too distant future also. When I was there in April, I was able to help Marta with her...
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    Credit Card Fraud

    Last night I went on line to check out my VISA balance after my recent trip to Puerto Plata. I noticed 2 fraudulent charges on my statement. I have contacted my bank and have had my card cancelled. There were 2 charges, each 1 day apart, at local gas stations. I do not buy gas or shop at gas...
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    Barcelo vs Allegro in Playa Dorada

    I need some info on the Barcelo (Flamenco) and the Allegro. I know that the Barcelo is being renovated by the new owners. Does anyone know when these room renovations are expected to be completed? I have also heard stories that in both of these hotels, some rooms are in great shape and some...
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    Congo Bongo

    When I was in the DR in Dec. I saw signs about Congo Bongo. I just saw someone post that it was open. Can you please tell me where in Playa Dorada it is located and what type of club it is??
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    Just watched a show on the Home and Garden Network that was filmed in Punta Cana. It showed a Canadian girl buying property there. They showed 3 different condo/homes for sale and she had to choose one to buy. All the homes were new construction, 3 levels of pricing, and beautiful. Does...
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    Photos of flooding after OLGA in Santiago

    ( ) Just posted pictures of flooding in Santiago after OLGA that my friends emailed me today. Looks like a real mess. Very deep water and severe flooding in areas.
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    School Break for Christmas

    Does any one know when the schools in Puerto Plata break for Christmas Holidays?;)
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    buildings falling down in Puerto Plata

    When I was in PP in April there was a building falling down on Calle Beller across from the north west corner of Parque Central. I just heard today that it is still in the process of falling down. This is a hazard for people walking by on the sidewalk. The second story is leaning over the...
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    Where is this place?

    Can anyone tell me the exact location of a place called Los Dominiguez and how to get there from Playa Dorada. With or without a car please. Thanks.
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    809 area code scam info

    I got this email today - no wonder there are so many call centres poppong up around the DR lately. Subject: DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809, 284 AND 876 THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION PROVIDED TO US BY AT&T. DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809 This one is being distributed all over the US. This...