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    Motorcycle license

    You are not eligible for a dominican Drivers licence with ou legal residency. After you get residency. The canadian embassy will validate your driver licence. You need to get it apsostalized and then you tde it for a DR licence at Entrant,
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    Anyone who has bought a car from ?K"motors in Sosua

    :cool , Would you tell me your experience and if you give them a positive reference.
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    Dr marcia garcia dentist sosua

    Does anyone know where Dr Marcia Garcia the dentist in sosua has moved her office too?
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    Transportation between cabarete and POP

    Does anyone know the cost of useing a taxi to travel to POP for a day of shopping and return to Cabarete? Say 6 hrs or so. Is it more economical to rent a car for the day? Cheers Frank