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    Guardian Group

    Does anyone have anything good to say about the Guardian Group, John Schroeder or Andres Marranzini? I know that Sn Marranzini is now the Deputy Minister of Labor. But what about his past association with the Guardian Group and John Schroeder? Was the Guardian Group just another Ponzi scheme...
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    removing director

    Is there a specific procedure for removing a director from a condo association board of directors? Or must we suffer another year of nonsense?
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    Sosua/Las Canas

    Just returned from another fact finding trip. What can a person say about Ocean World other than "magnificent, stupendous, wonderful, great etc". My wife and I enjoyed the first full day so much we booked another day. It just never gets old and we'll go back on the next trip. We stopped by...
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    Las Canas

    Anyone here willing to give me any encouragement on Las Canas in Sosua? I agreed to buy a condo there two months ago. Was promised many items, not the least of which is hot water and when I arrived yesterday, nothing. Now i've been told that they haven't filed condo rules etc and legally can't...