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    Did this Happen in the DR ?

    Woman says she became pregnant after watching... - A white American woman who had a black baby claims she fell pregnant whilst watching a porn movie in 3D. According to reports, the childs father , who is white was serving in the military in Iraq when she became pregnant. His...
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    Poultry Hatcheries

    I am looking for address and phone number of poultry hatcheries in the DR. I am considering buying young chicks from the DR to send to a contact in Haiti. I 've contacted a few poultry farms in the U.S, but I am trying to minimize stressing the chicks by shortening their travel and not to...
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    Help! need vacation villa to rent immediately

    Must be on the north coast, Cabarete or sosua area prefered. date is from june 18th to July 1st. Price range is $700 to $800 a week . I checked the real estate section already the price ranges advertised were out of my range. Please respond as soon as possible. JWB
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    looking for 3 bedroom villa to rent immediately

    Must be on the north coast, Cabarete or sosua area prefered. date is from june 18th to July 1st. Price range is $700 to $800 a week . I checked the real estate section already the price ranges advertised were out of my range. Please respond as soon as possible. JWB
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    Can I someone buy prepaid debit card in pesos.

    Hi all, It's been awhile since I;ve been on the DR1 board. Does anyone know if someone can buy a prepaid debit card in pesos while in the DR.
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    I would like to rent a time share

    from the dates of August 22 to the 29 th. Any location up North will do. I am willing to go as far south as La Vega. I just booked my flight and I will wait 3 days before making hotel arrangements. Thanks
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    Front end Loader

    Would appreciate any lead on where to go, and how much it would cost for the services of a front end loader for half a day, to level off a building site located in the Gaspar Hernandez area. all suggestions welcomed.
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    New Construction Technique

    Has anyone on this board heard of any company in the DR that is, or has experimented in utilizing the construction technique of building with Insulation Concrete Forms (ICF)? it seems to be a rapidly growing trend here in the states. I read that the reason for its popularity is because it is...
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    Met some celebrities

    Just returned from my trip to the DR. I am happy to report that I had the opportunity to have met some DR1 celebrities, Escott, Robert, Marco, and Grahame Bush. I am also happy to report that I purchased an additional lot to add on to my property line. I now own almost 2 tareas, and with that...
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    Shipping from Florida to Puerto Plata

    Question for you folks. I am presently located in Northern Virginia, and very soon I will have to ship a container of fragile items (say some Glass wares) to Puerto Plata. I know of many shippers in New York, but was advised that I can get a better rate if I bring the items via Uhaul to...
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    Business License

    What are the legal formalities to follow if someone wants to open something similar to the dollar plus stores found in the states. 1- Should you have business license 2- is cedula needed to open a business 3- Should you have business insurance
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    Hold your own cock

    It amazes me how proud Dominicans are of their fighting cocks. From what I observed, some of these fighting beasts are pampered and given better treatment than are family members living in the household. I met one guy that refuses to spend time with his children, yet actually sleeps with his...
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    Building a concrete wall

    Ok all of u experts out there, I need your help. I need material information and if possible, some cost estimates to have a 9 feet concrete wall built around a lot. the lot is 678 +/- Sqm in area. I am looking to built a plain concrete wall without any decorations or fancy stones.
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    TorontoBlonde is a celebrity

    Just read some previous threads concerning some relationship issues that TorontBlonde is facing. I've decided to withdraw my posting. Good luck and be safe TorontoBlonde. PS: You are gorgeous
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    Joe Veras

    Does anyone know of a website to which I can find the lyrics to a Joe Veras song titled "La Pared". It's song #8 on the Tonto Corazon album. Someone gave me the CD as a gift, but because the CD is not an orginal it did not include the lyric page. I've already tried google and yahoo.
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    Marco is alright......

    He saved me between 10K to $20K RD and not to mention alot of red tape between my bank in the states, and the banks in Cabarette. I agreed to purchased a plot of land (672 Sq mtrs) with titulos from a local farmer. At the signing of the contact in the lawyers office, the farmer declares that...
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    going through customs

    At this time tommorrow I will be in the DR. I am taking the chance of bringing in some whosale items(ladies clothes, purses,shoes), that I have been collecting throughout the year, by visiting various flea markets. Will I have to pay taxes on them when I get to custom, or will the usual...
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    Land transfer question.

    Humor me on this ! A close friend of mine who now resides in the US, recieved a call from his old neigbor of 15 years in the DR, offering him an opportunity to buy a piece of a large lot for a great price, inorder to raise money for a daughters wedding. I am familiar with the area and I am...
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    Need help getting tickets.

    I've been surfing the web looking for a good deal on flight tickets ranging from Feb 13 to Feb 28 th. I would prefer Departing from either Washington DC, Baltimore or Dulles,and land at POP or STI. I usually fly out of New York with AA, but I am trying to eliminate the drive from virginia. So...
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    Big fight between Leila Ali(US) -Vs- Monica Nunez (DR)

    Dominican born Nunez is scheduled to face Leila Ali for a title match tonight. Supposidely Nunez "Ain't no punk", her record is 9-1-0 with 5 Ko's. Name: Monica Nunez Ranking: WIBA No. 2 Middleweight...