The News Letter that is posted below gives us a small view of what Judy and the great volunteers and visiting veterinarians have been doing this past year. Believe me when I say that this is only a glimpse.

AAAS faces a crisis and needs everyone to help in order to meet the monetary requirements that are … pounding on the door. We could loose many years of work that has not only helped the animals but so many people on the North Coast and many other areas of the Dominican Republic.

Very simple to find out how you can contribute at: Asociación De Amigos Por Los Animales De Sosúa, Inc.
Thank you for what you can give now. We are also looking for regular monthly donations and additional committed volunteers. At this time, we are working on other fund raisers, opening a store front in Sosua, garage sales, foster care programs and other promotional ideas.

Please PM me if you have something that could help.
Thank you from Ringo, all AAAS supporters.. and my AAAS puppies and cats.
This is posted with permission from Judy.

Asociación De Amigos Por Los Animales De Sosúa, Inc.

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2010. I hope you had a good Holiday Season and are looking forward to a wonderful 2010.

A little sad news to start with
Jeanette and David took ten rescued puppies to their house when their momma was run over and killed by a car. Unfortunately, the puppies were in a bad state and had been fed cow’s milk for 5 days. They were malnourished, dehydrated and very poorly with diarrhea. One puppy survived, Lady. She is now doing well. She is still with Jeanette & David until she can go through the night unattended – then we need to find a home for her. She has been in the jeep lots of times and is happy to go on a leash. Lady has a wonderful personality and will make a fantastic pet and she needs a good home to go to.

Good News – we arranged 48 adoptions last year – nearly one a week! However, we have an uphill task as we still have 30 being looked after by Judy’s Pet Lodge and the feed bill is becoming a burden. There have been advertisements placed in Adscene, but we have not had one reply. We have reached saturation point with the adoptions and need to come up with some fresh ideas for this. Any suggestions you have about how we can improve the adoption program would be very much appreciated. And of course, if you can adopt a dog or cat, or know someone else who can give a pet a good home, please let us know.

In addition to the dogs at the facility, there are also several being fostered by volunteers. Bruce and Cary rescued two darling four-month-old puppies the last time Dr. Alfano was here, had them spayed, and chose to foster them for a while because they were very skittish. Barkely has found a new home, but Whiskers still needs a home. She is a delightful, loving pup and has gotten over her skittishness very nicely. Jeanette & David are fostering Mina as she has a possible home in the USA

Visiting Vets
Dr Diane Levitan will be joining us on 25th January for four days, leaving on the 29th
Dr Frank Alfano will visit from March 23rd to April 2nd/3rd
WVS have tentatively booked 2 visits – one session for June and the other for September – both dates are yet to be confirmed

We need more volunteers to walk dogs, man the new office, train for clinics and cover any volunteer holidays. If you have time to spare, we can use your help. Please help us spread the word among your friends and acquaintances.

New Office/Apartment
Progress is being made on the new office/apartment. The area has been painted and a kitchen put in – we still need an office chair (thanks T&T for your donation) and we need to acquire more items from the Clinic Plans 2010 list (attached). If any of you or your friends/colleagues could help with the plans that would be great.

Monetary Donations
As always, we need additional funding to support both feeding the rescued animals and to support our clinic. 2009 was a very difficult year for everyone, especially non-profits. Even small donations will make a big difference. Please keep us in mind as you plan your monthly budgets or if you can help us with dog food or other items. Your efforts in volunteering and the donations of goods and money that help keep us running are making a huge difference here in the North Coast. We are also very proud that our program has been recognized by many other organizations from around the world, some of whom are looking to model their own efforts after ours.

Thanks for all of your support in 2009, and we look forward to continuing support in 2010 so that we can keep this great work going.