Need some advice from locals please -

Been here 2 weeks and trying to work remotely. My business is 100% internet and phone based so ISP and phone service is critical. Currently on the hotel wifi which is between 250k-500k depending on the time of day. Also have tried the Claro Banda Ancha usb card which at best 1mb. Is my only option a DSL contract with Claro or one of the other main companies?

Also, I purchased a basic mobile phone to call the states (Claro again). Every other call recipient cannot hear me or they say it's 'choppy'. This is with 4 or 5 bars of service. I've tried a couple different phones, so it leads me to believe that it's an issue with the service...

Not sure if this is as good as it gets, but if there's something better I'm open to trying.

Thanks for any tips in advance!