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    Question About writing foreign names (non-official article)

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering what the best practice would be in a situation where I have to write about a certain place. I'm not a professional writer and I'm writing a non-official piece about the Vatican City. To give you an example, I'm trying to compare "Via della Conciliazione" with "Champs Elysées". AFAIK "Champs Elysées" is "Campos Elíseos" in Spanish but I've never heard or read of an official Spanish equivalent for "Via della Conciliazione" - I guess I could write "Vía de la Conciliación" but I don't know how accurate that might be.

    On that note, I wanna be as standard as possible, so if I write one name that has a Spanish equivalent, should I write all the names in Spanish (that I know of) or is it OK if I "mix and match"?


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    I think it's OK if you mix and match according to your judgement. If there isn't a common Spanish translation leave it in the original. E.g. In English I would put Bridge of Sighs and St Mark's Square when writing about Venice, but would always put Champs Elysees because no-one ever calls it the Elysian Fields in this context.

    I haven't forgotten your other question, will reply via PM shortly.


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