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    Default Is it really safe?

    Me and my boyfriend are planning a trip to the Carribean and he turned red when I suggested DR. He sad that it was not safe at all, we might as well co to Cuba or Haiti and get robbed he said. Can somebody please prove him wrong? I have read a lot about it and I'm dying to go! Any www pages that have information of this kind would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    Default Re: Is it really safe?

    The Dominican Republic has at least half as many murders then does the U.S. Granted there is crime there but it mainly petty crimes, robbings, muggings, ect. Even then if you stay in your hotel or resort area these crimes don't happen. So yes there is crime there just like there is in any country. But, there are not nearly as many murders, rspes, and any other violent crimes as there are in countries such as the U.S. Not that there is any problem with the U.S. If your boyfriend still has a problem with the Dominican Republic, let him know this. Maybe then he wil change his mind. I am Dominican/American and ahve lived in both countries, and I feel just as safe in the capital there as I do in my town of 8000 people in Nothern Minnesota, if not safer.

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    DR One

    Default Yes!

    I think you will find that the DR has one of the lowest per capita crime rates in the world. Yes it's safe.

    Try doing a search within our archives on crime and saftey etc.

    It looks like you come from Boston by your IP address (apologies if I'm wrong) and you are asking if the DR is safe? I know where I would prefer to walk around at 3am and it ain't Boston.

    Just take the normal precautions. If you walk round with money hanging out of your pockets etc, then you of course will attract problems, that goes for all over the world.

    I have lived here for two years and travelled all over and never had a problem. Actually the only trouble I have ever seen her has involved tourists vs tourists.

    Haiti, now that's a different story!

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    Default Re: Yes!

    RE walking in Boston: I don't think it is dangerous ANYWHERE to walk in Boston, not even Jamaica Plain or Dorchester, even late at night. But "DR One"'s comment makes me feel very safe going to the DR. If's the DR's generally safer than Boston, then it must be really, really safe!

    Hey - glad to know other bostonians are checking out this board! :-)

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    Default Re: Is it really safe?


    I'm also going to the Dominican Republic this year and i've read a lot about crimes and stuff like that. If your staying at a resort or hotel you don't really half to worry. Just we smart about leaving your bag's on the beach while your swimming and things like that. It's like any other caribbean island or really anywhere in the world you just half to be careful wherever you go. Nowhere is safe anymore with keeping the precautions in mind! I hope you have the chance to visit the Dominican Republic because it seems like a really beautiful spot for a Caribbean holiday!

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    Default Re: Yes!

    I live 20 miles south of Boston...don't drive to Boston unless I have to...lock my car doors when I do...don't feel safe going to Brockton anymore..and avoid going there at all!! I lock car doors when traveling to work at midnight!!! Do I feel safe in DR?? YES!!!!

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    Default Yes!!!

    Yes, it is safe here. Certainly safer than most U.S. cities and far safer than the U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Please, when you come - don't stay in your resort ... see the Dominican! People here are wonderful, extremely helpful and eager to make sure you are enjoying their country.

    Tell your boyfriend not to be a wimp and come on down!!!

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    Bill MacDonald

    Default Re: Where is safe?

    Alot of views on the same issue, and again too many opinions can cause confussion. In reality Boston is as safe or unsafe as you make it. I would never stroll in Boston Back Bay or any other area at those hours with out expecting to create a problem.

    It is not as safe as some may make you believe, though KNOWING thi, s don't look for trouble.

    Now in relation to Boston is safety a real comparison to Boston or more like another familiar city.

    Oh and Bostonian's please don't try to correct me I worked in Back Bay for several years at youth center evenings and nights.

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    Gary & Christine

    Default Re: Safety/Common sense

    Back to the issue at hand: Is the DR generally considered safe by regular travelers? YES!! We recently spent ten days in Sosua/Las Galeras/Samana and we flew into and out of Santo Domingo. That said, we stopped at roadside cafes, "bars", gas stations, etc., and even though we did not speak spanish, WE FELT SAFE. No one was menacing, or even rude. Every person we encountered was helpful, interested to know if we were having a nice trip, anxious to ensure we reached our destination without complications. We live in AL, I lock the doors to go 1 block (our house is in view of our business) and always lock the cars. The DR is safe, IF YOU USE COMMON SENSE. Don't go down a dark alley (DUH), don't flash a lot of cash or wear piles of jewelry, don't put yourself in a situation in the DR you wouldn't put yourself in at home, as far as getting around goes. Petty crimes happen out of necessity, there is so much poverty that people will steal to get things they desperately need, but it is not out of malice, greed, or meaness-just need- and there is very little of that type crime if you stay smart. If anyone is offended by this, our apologies in advance, we want everyone to travel to the DR, have a great time and send their friends.

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    Default Re: Yes!

    I don't like your comment about walking in Boston at 3:00am. Boston is very safe, now if you are talking about walking in Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, and other Bostonian neighborhoods like that, then yes it is dangerous to walk at 3:00am. As it is dangerous to walk at 3:00am in Guachupita, El Capotillo, etc. So, please be more specific. Boston (downtown, back bay, etc) is not dangerous. Or maybe you didn't visit downtown and the back bay area when you were here. My advise to Asa is that Santo Domingo is not dangerous, not if you stay away from the barrios. Asa, I hope you visit DR, you will not regret it.

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