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Thread: Young Coconuts

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    Default Young Coconuts

    Back in the frozen North, I have been enjoying these young coconuts as they are available once and a while in the grocery store. They look like giant white marshmallows with a pointy top after cutting the husks...

    Here, they are everywhere, and can often be "coaxed" out of a tree by banging with a large stick.

    ** Hmmm, yes, I see this thread is loaded with innuendo, but it is purely unintentional! **


    I have been collecting them from the local beach trees, but the milk and inner lining is not as sweet as the grocery store variety, although identical inside. Does anyone know if they need to be aged somehow? The nutritional value is amazing, and I could live off of these things!

    Don't let one fall on your head, or the health benefits will be instantly reversed!


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    Default Coconuts.

    Normally the ones on the beach are no so sweet due to the salt in the ground water, when the meat ( jelly) is still thin, they are still green, you should ask for a full coconut, the next stage would a dried coconut, lots of meat but little water, much sweeter though. At this stage they are use to extract the milk from the meat and you should not eat to much of it because in cuantity is laxative.



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