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    Default Barahona or San Pedro

    Hi everyone,

    So I have to do some fieldwork in August, yes, dead at the onset of hurricane season and on the coast...yay for me. I have the choice of doing my work in either San Pedro or in Barahona. I've been to both places, but only for a day. I remember Barahona being very beautiful and I remember el malecon in San Pedro gets PACKED and is a giant party at night, but besides that, I don't know that much. How is public transpo in Barahona?? My impression was that it was very small town-ish. Are there still carros conchos or at least motoconchos? How are taxis?

    If you had to chose to spend a month in either of these places, which would it be and why? What are the pros and cons of each place? Any of you out there??

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    I live near San Pedro and go there 2 or three times a week, and have a farm in Barahona. pros and cons to both.

    1. San pedro is more advanced. better shops, restaurants, transport.
    2. San pedro near to Juan Dolio - tourist area with great beach, ex pats (if you want them!!), good restaurants
    3. san pedro 45 mins from the capital

    4. barahona is stunningly beautiful with the mountains, rivers, but stony beaches
    5. i like the people there better
    6. But 3 hours from the capital - not as advanced medically either.

    Difficult decision!!!


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    San Pedro is a dirty town.

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    Barahona has scenery that you will have a hard time beating
    in any Country, as Matilda pointed out.

    San Pedro has two things going for it, I believe. Close to
    the Capital, and if you like baseball, Major League training
    camps are there.

    But for me I like Barahona. It is a much nicer setting and city,
    and the people are nice, as Matilda said also. One more thing,
    you are less likely to get the "Gringo Price" in Barahona.

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    Barahona would get my vote hands down.....for the sheer beauty of the place and endless amount of day trips to spectacular places.

    Good luck in making your decision.

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