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Thread: Bahia Principe Puerto Plata: any info?

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    I'm travelling with my 12 year old son Jan 23-30 99. It's my first solo trip since divorce - admit I'm a bit nervous. Chose this resort purely on price - any comments would be appreciated. Should I go out of the resort for jeep tours etc? Would I be with other vacationers on these tours, are the operators reliable? I'm nervous because some Canadians took a taxi ride a couple of years ago in a Caribbean Island - can't remember which one - and the woman was raped & the man beaten & robbed. I've heard that the weather can be rainy and the waves too rough for swimming - is this true? I wasn't told this when I booked!! Thanks for any input to a nervous single mom.

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    Take a look at Debbie's Carribean review page There are three or four letters from people who have stayed at the Bahia Principe resourt - I read them and it seemed like a nice resort - but I myself will be staying (hopefully) at the IberoStar resort in Punta Cana (booking today!)

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    We have been there in November, that's a great place, very secure. This is not true that the wave are too big to swim, we were there for 2 weeks and swim every day. We have take the tour to Puerto Plata and to Playa Grande and never feel unsecure. We walk in Puerto Plata and everythings OK. Don't feel worry, you will have a great vacation in Bahia Principe!


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