Hi guys, I just got back from DR and as usual everything was fun, exciting and I didn't want to come back. I didn't get to do much this time because my visit was short, and on top of it I got sick. But I got to do something very interesting. I went to the north coast with my aunt, who is a travel agent in DR, and visited some hotels and resorts for free. As a travel agent she gets to go on tours and spend days in different resorts in the country. She samples rooms, food, and activities at these resorts to then recommend them to her clients. She has been in this business for four years dealing exclusively with the Dominican Republic. She is the one that has booked me all the deals I've gotten at different resorts. I like booking through her not only because she is my aunt and helps me get good deals but also because she is honest and will tell me when a hotel in not worth my money. I am telling you all this because some of you who travel or want to travel to DR should try to get deals through her. This way you can benefit by getting good and fair deals with honest answers to your questions, and I can help her become a better sales agent in her company. She is a struggling single mom of three teenagers. Maybe some of you will criticize me for mentioning this las part but....hey, it's the truth. Diana