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    Default Trying to get TV

    Anyone know what a Dish Network receiver box should cost? House has the satellite dish; box is "bad", but the company cannot tell me till tomorrow when the boss gets back the cost of a new receiver box. I am getting the feeling they are cooking up a gringo price or maybe i am just getting paranoid.

    wish i knew if the old box was really "bad". this is a rental house and i have no way of knowing if it is or not....thanks for any advice on Dish Network or even another source of TV on the North Coast??

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    Do you have a broadband internet connection?

    If so, get yourself one of these

    Mine's been working on Dish for four months now and it's brilliant. No subscription fees and many channels are open. With one 6ft dish you should be able to get it set up to receive echo 119 and 110. With those birds you'll have everything you need on Dish.


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