We just talked with our attorney that also knew Arther. I'm relaying this information as a third person and I am leaving some things out.

The attorney also represents Arthers' ex-wife that is out of the D.R. at this time. She owns half of the Playa Chiquita house. The attorney now also represents her son that lives in the area. So this gets a little complicated but please do not read anything into this information. The attorney contacted the ex-wife right after we had called him this morning and has been very busy taking care of what he needs to take care of.

The murder took place some time last night. It appears that Arther knew the person since no forced entry was found and nothing missing. Two guns involved with one bullet in Arther. The body was not in very good shape. “It looks like a murder for some sort of revenge.” Some people have been questioned at length and released.

I'd rather not see this go into rumors and speculation. I also apologize to anyone if I have been too forthcoming with some information.

Again, my condolences.