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    Gary & Christine

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    Kornblth Realty has several as does Samana Realty, both have websites. Also, try searching for "Dominican Republic Real Estate", we looked night before last and came up with several realtors in the Dominican, who had commercial property listed. If you find something you like, the owner of the property should be able to help you establish contact with his current suppliers and the Realtor should also be able to assist.

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    I want to buy an store in main street. Only good locations! I want to start some business in DR - to open an shop or bar/restaurant etc... Please send me more info and price. I come in DR in end of February or March. Also I need contact with wholesales in DR. If you can please send me any info or contact addresses or e-mails.

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    Grahame Bush

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    I think that should be Kornbluth Realty. John Kornbluth is the owner & a very honourable guy. They are based in Sosua. For Puerto Plata area try Cargin S.A. Nilson Martinez is the man to speak to & you can tell him I said so! He is not yet on the internet but his Tel. No. is (809) 586 3851 or you can contact him via the Chamber of commerce in Puerto Plata at [email protected] Good luck & should you require additional advice e-mail me.


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