They found us and moved right in about 3 weeks ago in the Playa Chiquita/Sosua area. Now in our foster care. We have asked around and put up flyers trying to find the owner but since the pup was so thin, we think they where dropped off.

Mom, Blacky, is in good shape, about 3 years and looks like some black lab in her. She is smart, quick to learn, loving and is good with other dogs. She has been checked over by Judy and has had her shots. Waiting to have her spayed.

The young male pup, Bones, is a real trooper. He has put on some weight since these photos and has all the good traits of his mom. He is a joy to watch playing with our 3 others plus. Look at those ears! He should be a good sized companion. Judy gave him the go over but due to his low weight, only a couple of shots given so he needs a few more.

If interested in one or BOTH please call Judy. 809-571-1167
email: [email protected]

We would be happy to have you come see them at our place if you wish. Getting them to a good home here in the D.R., States or Europe can be done.