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    Jean Pierre

    Default GayDominican Travel Site!

    Surfing the net I came across of a web-site relative to Gay Dominican Travel. I hope this site some how help people that come to this site (DR1) looking for this kind of information and can't find it. By the way, this site have a very nice merengue song, enjoy it!!!

    By no means, I am not trying to offend or get upset anyone in here. If you have any issue or concern about the gay community in general, Please take it else where and do not bring it to this wonderful and so helpful web-site.

    Thank You.


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    For all of you out there: The most unfriendly place for gay couple is Dominican Republic, I'm from DR People there is very Redneck about the issue.

    Why go to DR when there is a lot of other places to go wihout fear like Puerto Rico or Virgin Island.

    Dominican can be friendly, but very, very close minded about gay issues, I would never take my friends there again!



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