We are putting aside individual vacation plans to make a friends'reunion in Santo Domingo, DR. Some of us will travel from Puerto Rico, Miami, San Diego CA and Seatle, WA. We are travelling from North Carolina. I am dominican, my wife is from Spain, and my daughter was born in Puerto Rico. Our friends are "gringos", dominicans, puertorricans and mexicans.

Sort of a decision point is to find a good hotel, with a resonable price per day (around US$80-100) for double-occupancy room during two weeks, offering New Year's Eve parties with live orchestras and "Fiestas de Noche Buena", and what "Cover Charges" or Entrance Fee should we expect, as well as what is the dress ethiquette. I never had a response on this (yes, it's frustrating!), but I am trying once more. We are looking at Santo Domingo, but information from SD is missing, we will fly to Mexico City or San Juan, Puerto Rico, from where we already have that information available. Last year (1998), in other forum, I asked the same question, had no answer, and the group moved to Caracas for the Holidays. I don't regret the experience, because it was a wonderful one, but I'm sorry the amount of dollars we spent did not go to my country. Can anybody help? I would be greatly appreciated. Thanks